This "Yes or No" Quiz Will Help Us Predict Whether or Not You'll Be Single This Holiday Season

By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

We're not sure how this began or why it's such a huge deal now, but people always make a big fuss about spending the holidays alone. Maybe because there's a big sense of family and love in the air that makes it unbearable to be alone - or maybe people just like having company when it's cold outside. Either way, being alone during the holidays has become quite taboo, if you care what people think, that is.

So, we want to predict something for you. And that something is whether or not you're going to be all cold and lonely during the holidays, or whether you'll have 20 toes (or more) in your bed this winter. We're going to ask you a few questions about your self and what you love doing during the holidays. Tell us everything from when you begin Christmas shopping to what you eat for dinner on the actual day. By the end, we'll have more than enough information to make an accurate prediction.

So, if you're curious to find out whether you should load your fridge (and bed) for one or more people, take this quiz!

Are you single right now?

Did your last relationship last for more than two years?

Did it end because of cheating?

Do you miss your ex?

What about resenting them?

Would you take them back if they begged?

Do you like being in a relationship?

Are you a fan of PDA?

Do you want to get married someday?

What about having kids?

Do you have a pet?

Is your best friend single right now?

And are your parents still together?

Does the sight of couples in love annoy you?

Are you happy being alone?

Do you need at least 10 hours of alone time every day?

Are you easily annoyed?

Are you feeling the holiday spirit yet?

Are you going to put a tree up/light some candles?

Do Christmas carols make you smile?

Are you going to any Christmas parties?

Is Santa Claus real?

Is eggnog your favorite holiday drink?

Are you hoping to get any expensive gifts from an admirer (or two)?

But do you know what you're getting for who, yet?

Is your shopping budget huge this year?

Are you spending this Christmas with your family?

Were you single last Christmas?

Is being single for the holidays as bad as people make it sound?

Last but not least, were you naughty?

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