This Yes or No Quiz Will Help Us Guess What Gun Matches Your Personality

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About This Quiz

Set your sights on this quiz, and take aim at a yes or a no. By the time you've finished telling us about your banging personality, we will be able to tell you which gun suits you and your attitude best. Will it be something similar to a pea shooter, or are you the whole semi-automatic shebang? 

As we track your personality through the woods of this quiz, your job will be simple. First, read the question. Then, choose yes or no. If you can handle a Ruger or a Remington, you can totally handle this quiz. Figuring out what makes your chambers go around will lead us closer and closer to the gun that matches your personality. 

Whether you are an avid weapons collector or you've been considering your first piece, this quiz serves to pair you up with the gun you should consider owning. Much like owning a car, it's important to find a firearm that matches your lifestyle, your needs, and your abilities behind the barrel. You wouldn't want to go carrying around something Daniel Boone would have used if you are more The Terminator. 

Tell us yes or say no, and we'll tell you which gun matches you! 

Have you ever been bear hunting?

Do you enjoy going camping alone?

Do you have a large collection of firearms?

Do you have any mounted deer heads in your house?

Could you survive a week on a deserted island?

Have you ever been in the military?

Are you left-handed?

Do you have a concealed carry permit?

Do you own a blaze orange vest?

Do you live in a highly populated area?

Do you keep a gun in your car for personal protection?

Do you go to a shooting range at least once a year?

Do you enjoy going fishing?

Would your friends say you are the outdoorsy type?

Is your eyesight better than your hearing?

Do you currently own a pickup truck?

Would your friends say you are adventurous?

Are you prepared for at least 72 hours after a natural disaster?

Do you enjoy growing your own food?

Do you watch a lot of hunting shows on television?

Would you ever go on a big game hunt?

Could you survive for a month without the internet?

Have you ever eaten wild boar meat?

Are you afraid of snakes?

Would you consider becoming a police officer?

Do you ever use a crossbow?

Do you know how to build a deer stand?

Do you own more than one flannel shirt?

Do you know how to field dress an animal?

Could you picture yourself living in Alaska?

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