This “Would You Rather” Test Will Reveal Which American State You Should Move To

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The name "The United States of America" is more than just the words used to describe the nation. It's a definition. The USA is a collection of "states", a plural often used to describe nations. The "state" of Russia. The "state" of Egypt. The United States of America. The USA isn't just a single nation, it is a collection of little nations with a common culture, but each with its own, unique history and culture. Unlike other collections of states, such as the European Union, the USA shares a common language, and a federal government that unites the nation under laws and a common mission statement embodied in the Constitution of The United States.

While the nation as a whole has a common thread running through it, each state is different. In their own ways, states develop their distinct industries, values, cultures and demographics. Each state has its unique history, from Virginia's British colonial history to Alaska's past as the object of Russian colonization; from Arizona's history going back to the Ho Ho Kam (the ancient indigenous people even the local tribes know little about) to New York's past as the biggest gateway to immigration into the country.

How should you choose which state to move to? Take this "would you rather" test. You make your tastes known, and we'll match you with the best state!

Let's talk business. Would you rather never work outside or have to work outside every day until you retire?

Fun time! Would you rather only ever have fun at theme parks, or take all your recreation in nature?

Are you thirsty? Would you rather only get to drink soda from now on, or only be allowed to drink organic juice from now on?

Uh-oh! Would you rather suffer through a cataclysm borne by hurricane, or by volcano?

This is awkward. Would you rather be so tall that you painfully bump your head every day, or be short and need help to get things from high shelves every day?

Companionship is great. Would you rather live in a place where dogs are illegal, or where dog ownership is required by law?

Worst case scenario: Would you rather be in a terrible car accident, or a pretty decent plane crash?

Let's live out a weird dream. Would you rather wake up one morning unable to speak English, but able to speak another language, or wake up unable to count, but able to solve complex logic problems?

Time to get out of the country. Would you rather have to spend the rest of your life living in a Swiss chalet, or a Monaco apartment?

Get crafty! Would you rather be an expert in arts and crafts, or an expert in witchcraft?

Gotta eat. Would you rather never eat carbs again, or eat piles of carbs with every meal?

Clear your nose. Would you rather your home always smell a bit of cooked eggs, or your clothing never shake the smell of charcoal?

Value judgement: Would you rather be conned out of all the money in your bank account, or a worthless but sentimentally valuable trinket?

Prank time! Would you rather get hit with a custard pie or a Key lime pie?

Can you relax? Would you rather have a massage that goes on not long enough, or too long?

Here's a real conundrum. Would you rather every soda you drink explode a little on you when you drink them, or never have one ever again?

Time to pick the lesser of two evils! Would you rather attend a party where you realize your shirt is see-through, or you are grossly under dressed?

Time to make a mess. Would you rather have a terrible plumbing explosion in your bathroom or in your kitchen?

Would you rather have the worst bathroom experience of your life at work during an important meeting when you are supposed to make a presentation, or on a 12-hour flight to your own wedding?

Time to give a faux pas a pass. Would you rather leave the house wearing mismatched shoes for one day, or have terrible body odor for the day?

Useful stuff question:Wwould you rather speak one foreign language fluently, or get basic information in three?

Look before you leap! Would you rather step in the trash when it's full, or forget to put a bag in the trash and then fill it up?

Would you rather wake up every night in the terror that a rat is in your bed, or not wake up every with that terror, but frequently have rats running around in your bed, and never know?

Would you rather have a third eye in a location of your choosing, or twelve fingers and twelve toes?

Time for a spooky choice! Would you rather be bitten by a vampire, or a werewolf?

Think about the future: Would you rather borrow from Peter to pay Paul, or stiff Paul and live with Peter's judgment hanging over you forever?

Time to value your friendships. Would you rather overhear a friend saying something mean about you, or be overheard saying something mean about them?

Get winded! Would you rather run a marathon naked, but complete it, or run lots of marathons while fully clothed, but never complete a single one?

Would you rather lose the entire contents of your computer but find out it's all backed up on 3 1/2-inch diskettes, or find out it's all written out in longhand?

The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing. Would you rather never complete a to-do list of important stuff, or always complete one made up of trivial tasks?

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