Quiz: Answer These Questions, and We'll Give You a New Evening Makeup Look!
Answer These Questions, and We'll Give You a New Evening Makeup Look!
By: Kennita Leon
Image: riccardo bianchi/Moment/Gettty Images

About This Quiz

If there's one thing that's certain in the makeup world, it's that we have options. And options are great, because who would want to wear the same thing all the time? But when it's time to choose just one look, that's where the problems begin. Evening looks are generally more dramatic, more colorful and more beautiful than what we wear in the day. We're not sure if our makeup inhibitions fly out the window with the sun, whether we have to make up for having less light by being dramatic, or whether it's something that's been established since the dawn of foundation and concealer. We just know that evening looks should always be fire!

But which one should you make your own? To know this, you'll have to take into consideration everything from the shape of your face to the kind of clothes you like to wear, from the places you go to the amount of time the makeup will be on for - not to mention who you'll be with and what you'll be doing. So yes, it takes a lot. And we want to help you out today. 

All you have to do is take this quiz. By the end, we'll tell you whether you'll be smoking it out or lighting it up. 

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What's your monthly makeup budget?

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Which makeup store is your favorite to shop at?

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What color are your eyes?

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About how many brushes do you have?

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What's the best thing about your face?

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What kind of skin do you have?

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What's your face shape?

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How long does it take for you to do your makeup?

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If you were running late and could only put one product on, which would it be?

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Which of these eyeshadow palettes would you buy, based on its name alone?

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Which celebrity's lipstick would you spend an absurd amount of money on?

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Which pro makeup artist would you love to take a class from?

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Which YouTube makeup guru are you a fan of?

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What's your favorite lip product?

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What's the best way to extend your lashes?

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Which of these products do you use to create your winged liner?

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How do you like finishing off your makeup?

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Just how much makeup do you wear?

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How much coverage do you like?

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Do you like trying new looks?

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Are you a fan of more natural or dramatic looks?

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What kind of finish do you usually go for?

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How would you rate your makeup skills?

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Do you have a skincare routine?

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What's your biggest makeup pet peeve?

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Which of these words best describes you?

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