This Marvel Character Quiz Will Reveal if You're a Boomer, Gen X'er, or Millennial

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About This Quiz

According to the dictionary, a generation is defined as "all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively" and is further explained as "the average period during which children are born and grow up, becoming adults and beginning to have their own children." 

The first generation to be created was the Lost Generation, which includes people who were born between 1883 and 1900. Subsequent generations include the G.I. Generation, the Baby Boomers, Generation X, the Millennials, and finally, Generation Z.

They've each had a role in making society what it is today, and they each have certain characteristics associated with them. 

The original Marvel Comics company, which at the time was known as Timely Comics, was founded in 1939 during the Silent Generation. In 1961, during the latter part of the Baby Boomers' generation, they changed their name to what we know today. Many of the characters, at least the popular ones, were created a long time ago, but their fan base is ever increasing.

Will you be choosing the superheroes that you grew up watching or will you be selecting the characters that you relate to? However you decide to pick them, your choices will let us know what generation you belong to. Will we be getting it right? Take this quiz to find out!

If you could have someone’s super powers, whose would it be?

Which of these characters do you think is the most powerful of them all?

Which character reminds you of yourself?

Which of these villains do you secretly admire?

Which of these characters do you wish was real?

Which male costume do you like most?

Which of these characters would you trade closets with?

The character that needs to have their own movie is?

Who are you most likely to get into a fight with?

Which of these characters deserves a second chance?

Which of these misunderstood characters would you be friends with?

Which character do you dislike?

Which of these characters will you be staying away from?

Which of these characters would you be okay of letting go?

Which of these smart characters would you ask for help if you had a problem?

You need help moving to your new apartment, who would you call?

Which of these characters would be the perfect roommate?

Which of these characters would you want as a work colleague?

Which of these characters would you trust to babysit your kids?

Which of these characters would you leave your wallet around?

Which of these characters would you want as a neighbor?

Which character would you have a one-night stand with?

Which character would you ask out on a date?

Which of these characters would you want to party with?

Who would you want by your side in a bar fight?

Who would you go to see a Broadway show with?

Who would you go on an overseas trip with?

Which secondary character would you go to Disney world with?

Who would you want on your Fortnight team?

Who would you watch a horror movie with?

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