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Wes Anderson once said one of the things he enjoyed the most "is just working as an actor." But he's better known for his work behind the camera, as director of quirky, offbeat gems. Find out how much you know about his movies.

Which movie began as a short and went on to became Wes Anderson's first feature-length film?

"Bottle Rocket" began as a black and white short film in 1994. In 1996 it was released as a feature.

Which actor has appeared the most in Anderson's feature films?

Bill Murray has been in seven of Wes Anderson's feature films. Anjelica Huston has been in three. And Jeff Goldblum appeared in two.

Which Wes Anderson feature does Bill Murray not appear in?

Bill Murray doesn't appear in "Bottle Rocket."

In "The Royal Tenenbaums," who was the character of "Royal" written for?

The "Royal" character was written with Gene Hackman in mind for the role.

The house in "The Royal Tenenbaums" is real. Where is it located?

It's just north of City College, at 144th Street and Covenant Avenue in Harlem.

The house on Archer Avenue was inspired by a house in another movie. What's that movie?

The house on Archer Avenue was inspired by the house in Orson Welles' "The Magnificent Ambersons."

Where is the Tenenbaum's "375th Street Y" actually located?

The exterior shots were from a building on the Upper East Side, but the interior was a building in New Jersey.

Who is Kingsley Zissou?

"Kingsley Zissou" was Steve Zissou's name for Edward "Ned" Plimpton.

Whose hands stamp the library book card in the opening of "The Royal Tenenbaums?"

That's Wes Anderson stamping the library book card during the opening of "The Royal Tenenbaums."

Which eight-minute film was written and directed by Wes Anderson for the fashion house Prada?

Castello Cavalcanti, about a race car driver, was written and directed for Prada by Wes Anderson. It was released in 2013.

What was the first project Wes Anderson worked on for Prada?

Candy L’eau is the name of a Prada perfume. And it's also the name of Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola's first project with the fashion house.

With what kind of camera did Anderson begin making one-reel shorts?

Anderson got a Yashica Super 8 movie camera when he turned 8.

How much money did Bill Murray make for his performance as Herman Blume in "Rushmore?"

Anderson estimates that Murray made about $9,000 for his role.

There is a man-eating tiger in "The Darjeeling Limited." Where was it created?

The tiger was a puppet created at Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

What does Klaus' nephew Werner give to Steve Zissou at the premiere of his newest documentary in "The Life Aquatic?"

Werner gives Steve a crayon ponyfish.

Where is the Tenenbaum's summer home?

The Tenenbaum's summer home is on Eagle's Island. The real house, though, is on City Island.

Who is the author of the novel "Fantastic Mr. Fox?"

Roald Dahl wrote the novel "Fantastic Mr. Fox."

What kind of bird is Suzy?

In "Moonrise Kingdom," Suzy plays a raven.

Which of Anderson's feature films was included in the BBC's list of the greatest films since 2000?

All three of these films were included in the BBC's 2016 list of greatest films since 2000.

How many Louis Vuitton bags were included in the luggage the Whitman brothers inherited after their father's death in "The Darjeeling Limited?"

They inherited 11 bags, labeled 1 to 11.

What kind of academic probation is Max placed on at Rushmore?

Dr. Guggenheim places Max on sudden death academic probation.

Which awards does Max receive at Rushmore?

Max receives the perfect attendance award and the punctuality award.

What's the name of Steve Zissou's boat?

Zissou's boat is named the Belafonte.

What type of animation was used to create "Fantastic Mr. Fox?"

"Fantastic Mr. Fox" is stop-motion animation.

Who does Klaus, in "The Life Aquatic," think of as his two dads?

Klaus confesses he always thought of Esteban and Steve as his two dads. Please don't make fun of him for saying so.

In "The Darjeeling Limited," what nickname did the Whitman brothers give to Rita?

After meeting attendant Rita, who brings "sweet lime" and "savory snacks" to the room, the Whitman brothers refer to her as "Sweet Lime."

Which is Royal Tenenbaum's epitaph?

Royal Tenenbaum's epitaph read, "Royal O'Reilly Tenenbaum, 1932-2001. Died Tragically Rescuing His Family From the Wreckage of a Destroyed Sinking Battleship."

On what island does "Moonrise Kingdom" take place?

"Moonrise Kingdom" is set on the fictional New England island of New Penzance.

In "Rushmore," what math problem does Max daydream about solving?

Max fantasizes about solving the hardest geometry equation in the world.

Which was Anderson's first film to win an Oscar?

"The Grand Budapest Hotel" was Anderson's first to win an Academy Award.

What's the name of the book Raleigh St. Clair's working on in "The Royal Tenenbaums?"

Raleigh is researching and writing "Dudley's World."

Who are the Secret Society of the Crossed Keys?

The Secret Society of the Crossed Keys is a network of concierges.

Who plays the character Indian Chief Khaki Scout in "Moonrise Kingdom?"

Bill Murray's son Cooper Murray plays the role of Indian Chief Khaki Scout.

Which chef made his film debut in "Fantastic Mr. Fox?"

Chef Mario Batali voices "Rabbit," a character in "Fantastic Mr. Fox."

The Futura Bold font is used throughout Anderson's feature films, except which one?

Helvetica Bold, not Futura Bold, is used in "Fantastic Mr. Fox."

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