Quiz: This Intense Game of Beauty 'Would You Rather' Will Reveal Your Most Attractive Trait
This Intense Game of Beauty 'Would You Rather' Will Reveal Your Most Attractive Trait
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Would you rather think you are attractive for a different reason than you really are or take this quiz so you know how to work it? Of course, you are going to take the quiz! Knowing what others see in you is an excellent way to learn to appreciate yourself. You might think you know what others find attractive about you, but it is the same reason you think you are attractive?

This ferocious beauty game of Would You Rather will separate out all the reasons you are attractive. While we know there are more than hundred reasons you are adorable, we want to find the one that stands out most. Making choices during our little game will get right into the true heart of you. 

Your choices reflect the way you see yourself; therefore, they also indicate what traits are indeed your most attractive. Once we're whittled it down to the top few, we'll dig a little deeper and let your most appealing quality bubble to the surface. 

Would you rather know what others see in you or remain in the dark for the rest of your life? Get out your makeup bag and make prudent choices. Then, we'll let you in on what others already see in you! 

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