Can We Accurately Guess Your Intelligence from this Innocence Test?

Brian Whitney

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There are so many different people that we all come across on a daily basis, from all sorts of different walks of life, who are doing all sorts of varied things. Some are focused on money and success; some are focused on family, others like to go out and party and try and hook up with people. 

But what they all have in common is their outlook on life. Some spend their days and nights trying to be good people and do the right thing, while others do their best to get by, just looking out for themselves and not caring who they hurt. Some scientists and academics say that how one acts in this way has a lot to do with how intelligent they are and that you can tell what sort of intelligence type a person is by how innocent they act.

What kind of intelligence type might you be? Are you a naturalist, meaning the sort of person who understands living things and nature, or maybe you are logical, which is the type of intelligence around mathematics and making a hypothesis and proving them? 

Or perhaps your intelligence is more the philosophical and existential type, that of someone who ponders the meaning of life? There are many more types of intelligence, and they all just might have to do with how innocent you are. Take this quiz. If you're smart.

What do you want to drive?

Are you a jealous person?

What is your style?

Are you a bad boy, or do you like dating them?

Do you act tough?

How many tattoos do you have?

Which old school movie star is your favorite?

Do you feel like you are different than most people?

Do you ever pretend to be someone you are not?

How confident are you?

How often do you lie?

Have you ever stolen anything?

Are you afraid of rejection?

Are you a rebel?

Are you faithful in romantic relationships?

Do you ever feel victimized?

Do you ever insult people?

What would you do if you found a wallet?

Are you passionate?

Who is your favorite James Bond?

Do you go for what you want?

How many close friends do you have?

Have you ever cheated on a test?

Have you had your heart broken?

Do you often need help solving problems?

How often do you apologize?

Are you predictable?

Who might you be on Star Trek?

Have you ever ghosted anyone?

Have you ever been arrested?

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