This Color Test Will Tell You What Makeup Brand to Try

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Makeup, while meant to enhance natural beauty, is also a medium people use to express themselves. YouTube is full of beautiful people demonstrating seemingly unattainable ways to apply makeup flawlessly. While these videos aren't for everyone, they're definitely good at shedding light on makeup brands that you might have never heard of before or demonstrating whether a luxe brand is worth its price tag. Since there's so many brands out there, it's nice to have resources to help guide you towards ones just right for you.

But even after you narrow down the list, you could be presented with still too many options. So how can you decide? Simple. Look to see if the brands remaining on your list offer you everything you want out of makeup. Usually, once you find a brand you like, you stick with it and use it exclusively. Maybe one brand has mascara you like but not foundation, or all the lipstick colors or eyeshadow colors of one brand are a bit too bland for you. Taking a color test will really help, as it can guide you in the right makeup direction. This is that color test! Take it now and we'll give you a makeup brand to buy.

If you had a flag representing your family, what would the main color be?

What's the only color that belongs on your walls in paint form?

When you go shopping, is there a color that you naturally gravitate toward?

Which color do you normally have your nails painted?

Is there a color that makes for the perfect book cover?

Should all jeans be blue?

If you were refinishing your kitchen table, what color would you paint it?

Carpet is a very common flooring material. What color would you never want in carpet?

Do you have a preference for the lens color of your sunglasses?

Picture the color wheel. Got it? Okay. Do you prefer the primary colors or complementary?

What's the color of your dream wedding outfit?

What shade do you like your morning coffee to be?

Is your phone case just one color?

Do you know how the color spectrum was discovered?

Are there colors that you think haven't been discovered yet?

What color should properly cooked steak be in the middle?

If you were to plant a garden full of flowers, what would the main color be?

On a team sport, which color would you want representing your squad?

You need new pillows! Is there a specific color you're looking for?

What color couch are those pillows hanging out on?

How much do you like pastel colors?

Are you drawn more to summer colors or winter colors?

What color should an everyday belt be?

Looking for art can be tough, but a good start is thinking of a color scheme for the piece. Do you have one in mind?

What emotion do you feel when you see the color red?

Do you prefer driving white cars or black cars?

Do you associate the color green with nature or jealousy?

Does the sky look better in a color other than blue?

Picture yourself sitting outside on your deck on the comfiest chairs. What color are they?

Do you automatically think of snow when you see white?

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