This '80s Quiz Will Reveal Your '80s Boyfriend

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Image: Collage; Tom Cruise, Jonh Stamos, David Hasselhoff

About This Quiz

Remove the neon Scrunchie from your hair, and get yourself an '80s boyfriend! Hang on to your Member's Only jacket because this ride back in time could get wacky and out of hand. It's only when you fill us in on what you remember and what you would like to see brought back that we'll be able to find an '80s man to rock your world! 

As you get into the groove, we'll rock down to electric avenue to get a sense of your '80s love. We'll cover fashion, television, celebrities, and all the good '80s stuff you might think you have forgotten. Once you get back in the spirit of the decade, we know you'll have a good time. 

In fact, you might not want to snap out of it and go back to work. Alas, you'll be returning to your desk with a brand new '80s hunk to preoccupy your mind with for the rest of the day! We think it's a fair trade-off. 

Tell us what '80s clothes you would still wear and how much blue eyeshadow you've worn in your life, and we'll play time-traveling matchmaker! Who is your '80s boyfriend? Let's find out!

Which '80s sitcom did you like most?

Which Madonna song do you know by heart?

Which kind of '80s jacket would you most like to own?

Which '80s movie do you like most?

Did you ever rock a side ponytail?

How many times have you seen "Back to the Future?"

Which '80s actress do you like most?

Would you ever wear blue eyeshadow?

Do you own an acid-washed jeans?

Which '80s hairstyle would you never wear?

Which '80s band would you have play an '80s themed party?

Which '80s fad would you wear to work tomorrow?

Which of the Care Bears would you be?

Do you wear large hoop earrings?

Which '80s candy would you like for a snack?

Which '80s singer would you dress as for Halloween?

How old were you in the '80s?

Which '80s slang will you use from here on out?

Which Michael Jackson song do you like most?

Would you ever wear a fanny pack?

Which '80s toy would you like to have?

Which '80s cartoon did you like most?

Which '80s love song would you want played at your wedding?

Did you like "The Golden Girls" or "Night Court" more?

Which '80s series do you remember the most about?

Which LipSmackers flavor would you like most?

Do you cry when you watch "E.T. the Extraterrestrial?"

Which '80s car do you think is hilarious now?

Which '80s rock band makes you want to dance?

Which '80s actor do you think is sexier now?

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