Quiz: Think You're a Car Expert? Take the World's Most Difficult Car Quiz and Find Out!
Think You're a Car Expert? Take the World's Most Difficult Car Quiz and Find Out!
By: Steven Symes
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About This Quiz

The automotive world is vast, with a history that stretches all the way to the root of the automobile in 19th century Germany. Cars have been made all over the world, modified by people in their garages, and drive just about everywhere. We love our automobiles, but most people understand relatively little about them. They take their car to the shop when there's a problem, try to remember to check the oil once in a while, and pretty much hope everything will be okay. If you're reading this, likely you know more than that.

But are you a car expert? It's one thing to know the difference between a C4 and C5 Corvette, and yet another to remember the firing order of the engines. It takes a special level of interest and expertise to truly rise above pretty much everyone else, knowing things about cars no regular human would even fathom are a possibility.

This test spans automotive knowledge. You'll need to have a firm grip on repairs and maintenance, along with automotive history, engineering, and trends. Do you have what it takes to claim the title of a car expert? Take the quiz now and find out!

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What does the third pedal in some cars control?
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What is the measurement of an engine's twisting power?
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What's one way to simultaneously change the stud pattern on a car and the wheel offset?
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What do you call the maximum amount of water a car can cross?
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What car brand is famous for "adding lightness"?
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What is the purpose of a roof scoop on race cars?
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What scandal hit Audi in the USA back in the 1980s?
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What is the name of the only Swedish hyper car brand?
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What is orange coolant called?
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What do you call a differential that can send different levels of torque to the different wheels?
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What does the co-driver in a rally race read out loud?
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What do you call the area between the lugs on a vehicle's tires?
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What can happen if you don't tighten the gas cap on your car properly?
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Which Big Three American automaker produced jeeps during World War II?
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Why do racers do burnouts before running the quarter mile?
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What immediate problem can riding your brakes cause?
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If a car were to catch fire, what would happen with the nitrous oxide system?
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What's the big difference in the turbos for a sequential setup?
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What vehicle is often referred to as "Godzilla"?
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For what was the Plymouth Superbird primarily created?
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