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Are you ready to take a trip to foggy Londontown? In this quiz, we're going to explore the things that only true Londoners know. Tourists need not apply. So grab your umbrella and Burberry​ coat, and don't bother with sunscreen.

What is the greatest city in the world?

All Londoners know that London is the greatest city in the world. Sure, it costs 50p to use the loo, but who cares?

Being asked a question by a tourist is ______?

Being helpful when a tourist asks a question is lovely. Especially great after you've had a pint.

The best way to get to a party is _________?

Being able to walk to a party on foot is a miraculous experience. But understand, this is a rare occurrence.

Nothing fills you with pride like _______.

Sure, "Notting Hill" and "Love Actually" are fine, but seeing your own area on TV fills you with pride and bliss.

It's not a metro card, it's what kind of card?

The Oyster card is your ticket to travel. When the oyster card machine is broken on the bus and the driver just waves you on, it's a good day.

It's a good day when you remember what?

Remembering your umbrella before you dart out of your flat is a good day in London. Usually when you remember it, it doesn't rain.

It's a tube what?

Everyone in London knows that it's not a tube car, it's a tube carriage. You must select the proper carriage so that you're left right near your exit when you get off.

It's rare in London to do what?

It's a good day in London when you leave work early. It's also rare to have an incident-free commute.

Where do you always get your lunch?

Go ahead and order that Chicken Cottage box. If you're lucky, you'll get a free spicy wing.

It's not takeout, it's what?

Londoners practically live on takeaway. They're particularly fond of a good curry.

It's common to have ______.

When you go home and discover you have soot nose the moment that you blow into a tissue, you know that you're a Londoner.

You know where the nearest ______ is.

If you don't know where the nearest Sam Smiths pub is than you're not a Londoner. Hopefully, there's one at the end of your block.

"Move down inside the carriage, please," is said where?

It's all right to bark this at people. The tourists are the ones that won't move down.

The hardest task in the morning is _____ properly.

It's so difficult dressing properly in the morning. You never know what kind of weather you're going to get.

In London, a major eclipse is _______.

A major eclipse is no big deal because you can't even see it, thanks to the clouds. There are no stars, either.

You wish that there was more what?

There isn't enough greenery in London! You pine for the days when you had a garden.

There's nothing you dread more than a morning at _______ ?

It's a disaster at Brixton Station in the morning. The same goes for Oxford Circus and Waterloo.

At 4:30 p.m. on a workday, you won't be caught dead where?

Victoria Station at rush hour on a workday is simply criminal. You might not even be able to step inside.

There's nothing scarier than riding what?

The night buses are absolutely frightening. That being said, they can be amusing if you're drunk.

London is too bloody _____.

Money is a serious issue in London. It's so horribly expensive, you're dubious of anyone that can afford a home.

You're in foreign territory when you leave what area?

Seriously, when you leave the Oyster zone you might as well be traveling to space. You're no longer in civilization.

Do Londoners ride the double-decker buses?

It's actually fun to ride the double-decker! In fact, it's particularly great when you have the whole top to yourself.

Can you spot wildlife in London?

In fact, sometimes you'll glimpse a fox! There are some days that you'll see a parakeet or a terrapin!

Two deadly words.

There's nothing that sets fear into a Londoner's soul like the words "tube strike." That being said, it's great if you can work from home.

Where is it hardest to get a seat at the pub?

To get a seat at a pub in zones 1-3 is like a blessing from god. This is a religious experience.

For a speedy lunch, always go where?

In London, it's all about the Pret. In other cities, this is known as the Pret a Manger.

It's a good day when you're not bothered by whom?

When you're not stopped by one of those charity people on the street, then it's a good day. But this is almost impossible.

It's delightful to be handed a free _____ at the tube station.

You gotta love the days when you get a free sample at the tube station. Even better is something free from the Pret.

You love spotting which of these?

Londoners love to see police horses trotting down the street. Look, it's a real horse!

What must you must have, in order to go on the Thames Clipper?

You love riding the Thames Clipper, but it's important to have an excuse to do it! The same with other tourist attractions.

Rodent infestation happens when?

You truly know that it's autumn when the rodents come out. At least you can look forward to the leaves.

The annual rent increase is roughly how much?

Good God. Yes, the annual rent increase is roughly 10%. If you can haggle this down, it's a religious experience.

When not walking up an escalator, stand to the ______ ?

Always stand to the right so people can pass on the left. It is infuriating when foreigners don't do this.

You know how to get into what structure?

Only a true Londoner knows how to get into the Barbican Centre. This is a fact.

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