Quiz: The Ultimate Thermos Quiz
The Ultimate Thermos Quiz
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You're going on a picnic and you want to take along a hot drink, so you put it in a thermos so it will stay hot. Or maybe it's a hot day and you put a cold drink or water in a thermos to keep it cold. Have you ever wondered how a thermos can keep things both hot or cold? Take this quiz to see how much you know about your thermos.

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What does the concept of thermodynamics refer to?
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What factor effects the amount of heat created?
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At what temperature is there no atomic movement?
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What does the process of conduction refer to?
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Which of the following materials is a good conductor?
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Infrared radiation is a form of _____?
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What color best absorbs infrared radiation?
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How much of the sun's energy that reaches the Earth is infrared radiation?
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Which of the following are affected by the process of convection?
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A good thermos will _____the transfer of heat by conduction, radiation and convection.
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Which method does a thermos use to reduce heat?
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A good way to make your own thermos would be to surround a jar with which of the following?
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Inside a thermos there is a glass envelope which is surrounded by a vacuum. The glass is silvered, making it like a _____?
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How does a thermos know if you have hot or cold food inside?
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It is not recommended to encase the glass center of a thermos in _____.
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In outer space, where there is a vacuum, how does a space shuttle get rid of its heat?
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