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Do you remember when Cuba Gooding Jr. guest starred as a skater-slash-undercover cop? What about Ron Glass as the IRS agent Mary Jenkins (greatly) dislikes? From Brenda's pet piglet, Alberta, to that time when Mary and Rose shared a butler, see how much you remember about this '80s sitcom.

Why does Mary Jenkins look so familiar?

That's Marla Gibbs, who is best-known for her character, Florence Johnston, the maid on the TV show The Jeffersons.

What kind of business does Lester Jenkins own?

Lester owns a construction company.

What is the sitcom based on?

The television sitcom was based on a play of the same name.

Where does the Jenkins family live?

"227" is set at 227 Lexington Place, in Washington, D.C.

Whose favorite hangout is her apartment window?

Nosy neighbor Pearl spends her time in her window.

Who from the cast performs the show's theme song?

Marla Gibbs sangthe show's theme song.

Why does Rose Lee Holloway look so familiar?

Joining the cast in 1976, Alaina Reed Hall played Olivia Robinson for 12 years on the PBS show, Sesame Street.

Who's known for their way of saying, “Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaary!”?

Sandra Clark, played by Jackée Harry, had a unique way of saying, “Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaary!”

Who might you hear refer to themselves in the third person?

Sandra's known to refer to herself in the third person.

Who is the 11-year-old child college freshman who becomes the Jenkins' houseguest?

Alexandria DeWitt, played by Countess Vaughn, was the 11-year-old prodigy.

Who competes against Sandra on Wheel of Fortune?

Mary Jenkins and Sandra Clark compete against each other on Wheel of Fortune.

Mary has jury duty on the night of her anniversary with Lester. How does he sneak in to see her?

Lester dresses like a woman to visit his wife on their anniversary.

Eventually, Sandra needs a roommate. Who moves in?

Donna, the daughter of one of Lester's friends, moves in as Sandra's roommate while waiting to move into her dorm at Howard University.

Who guest stars as Donna Dalton?

Kim Fields guest stars as Donna Dalton.

Sandra's chosen to play in the Fast Money round on which gameshow?

Sandra is picked to play the Fast Money round on Family Feud.

Calvin Dobbs was Brenda Jenkins' first love, and whose grandson?

Because his father, a widower, is an active duty U.S. Air Force officer stationed overseas, Calvin lives with his grandmother, Pearl, in the 227 building.

Who becomes the landlord of the "227" apartment building after the former landlord, Mr. Calloway, dies?

Although Sandra expects it, Rose becomes the building's new landlord after Mr. Calloway dies.

Which musician plays Prince Lionel, the island-kingdom prince who decides he wants to marry Brenda?

Morris Day plays the role of Prince Lionel. Originally Rose's blind date, the prince insteads fancies Brenda.

Who guest stars as Dr. Thelma Butler, Mary's now-famous psychiatrist friend?

Although all of these actors guest star on the series, it was Roxie Roker who played Mary's friend Dr. Thelma Butler.

With whom does Sandra go into the pillow business with?

Mary Jenkins and Sandra Clark go into the pillow business together.

What is the name of Rose's video dating service persona?

With Sandra's help, Rose amps up her video dating service person with a new persona, Raquel.

Who guest stars as "Eartha Kitten"?

Iman guest stars as "Eartha Kitten" in the show's final season.

What proverb are the characters known to say?

Rose, Lester, and others on the show all have used this version of the proverb, “My name's Bennett and I ain't in it!” -- meaning, this is not my problem.

Who works at Lester's construction company, for at least one episode?

Sandra, Calvin, and Mary all, at some point, work at Lester's (although Calvin and Mary don't last very long).

Where does Sandra get Brenda a part-time job?

Sandra gets Brenda a part-time job at Billy Bob's Burgers.

Brenda plagiarizes one of Mary's old assignments in an attempt to be an extra in a music video being shot at her high school. Who's the artist?

Brenda wants to be in Bobby Brown's music video.

Who guest stars as Dr. Peterson, the doctor caring for Lester when he's taken to the hospital with appendicitis?

Rita Wilson guest stars as Dr. Peterson.

What were Pearl, Mary and Rose protesting when they end up in jail?

Pearl, Mary, and Rose are arrested protesting the U.S. Social Security Administration's claim that Pearl is deceased.

Who plays at Mary's church charity show?

The Temptations play at the church charity event.

On what reality show did Countess Vaughn perform before getting the role of Alexandria DeWitt?

Countess Vaughn got the Alexandria DeWitt role after confessing 227 was her favoite sitcom to Ed McMahon when she appeared on the reality show, Star Search.

Before starring with her on 227, who made a guest appearance with Marla Gibbs on The Jeffersons?

Hal Williams, Helen Martin, and Stoney Jackson all guest starred on The Jeffersons.

After starring with her on The Jeffersons, who made a guest appearance on 227?

Jeffersons' stars Franklin Cover, Sherman Hemsley, and Roxie Roker all guest starred on 227. Ned Wetimer, who played the doorman in the Jefferson's building, also guest starred on an episode of 227.

Who starred in the pilot episode of a potential 227 spin-off?

Considered episode 23 from season 4 of 227, the pilot for a spin-off called, Jackée, featuring the character Sandra Clark, aired in May 1989.

Three of these characters appear in 115 episodes of the series, over its 5-year run. Who doesn't?

Regina King appears in just over 100 episodes. But Marla Gibbs, Helen Martin, and Hal Williams appear in 115 episodes.

Who won an NAACP Image Award for Best Actress for her role?

Marla Gibbs received the NAACP Image Award for Best Actress.

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