If There Was a Pokémon Zodiac, What Would Your Sign Be?

Kennita Leon

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About This Quiz

Pokemon began decades ago, and a fad that quickly swept the world up in its dynamic characters was born. Since then, the show has had many spin-offs, but our favorite characters have remained. These cartoon characters have been made into toys, stickers, clothing and a whole lot more, but has anyone ever thought to make them into stars? 

Today, we're dreaming up a twelve-piece Pokemon zodiac, similar to ours, but instead of the Geminis and the Capricorns that we love so much, we're going to put in some Pikachus and Charmanders. We're replacing all the signs that we know with different Pokemon - one for almost every type, whether it be Normal, Grass, Electric, Fire or Water. And we want to find out what your sign would be. 

Allow us to ask you a few questions, not only about yourself but also about Pokemon and your favorite characters. By the end, we'll be able to tell you whether you're a Bulbasaur, a Mew or a Squirtle. So, if you really what to find out what to replace your Scorpio sign with, go ahead and get started on this quiz. 

Which character would you want to be?

Which type of Pokemon are you drawn to?

Which of these would be your starter?

But which original Pokemon could you not wait to own?

In which city would you start off your quest?

Which badge are you going after first?

Which of these would you use to defeat another Pokemon trainer?

Which of these attacks would you use all the time?

And which powerful attack would you kill to see in person?

Which legendary Pokemon would you want to befriend?

If you had to be given one evolutionary stone, which would you choose?

Which form of Eevee is your favorite?

Which of these Poke-types are you just not interested in?

Which villainous team is the most annoying?

What's the best Pokemon game, in your opinion?

Enough with the Pokemon. Which of these groups has your zodiac sign?

Which element are you most drawn to?

Which season do you feel happiest in?

Which of these words best describes your personality?

Would you say that you are popular?

What's your favorite thing to do?

Which of these jobs are you best suited to perform?

What are you great at?

But which of these is your biggest flaw?

What kind of people gets you really upset?

Which natural disaster best describes your wrath?

Where would you want to make your home?

And who would you live with?

Which of these would be your spirit animal?

What would you wish for more of?

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