There Are Four Types of Facebook Users: Which Are You?

Zoe Samuel

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Facebook has been around since 2004, when Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg built the original version (with some help or not, depending on who you believe) as a platform just for students. Since then it has ballooned into a behemoth that supposedly has around 2.3 billion users, of which about half are estimated to be fake, based on Facebook's own statements. However, the remaining billion are clearly a vast number, and with engagement levels that far exceed other platforms, Facebook remains the big daddy of social media.

Despite the large number of users, of course, there are only a few ways that people tend to relate to the platform. There are the humblebraggers, who joined to stay in touch with family in other time zones and couldn't quite resist the lure of presenting the glossy side of their life. There are the newbies, who don't quite realize that fact-checking every claim before sharing is pretty essential these days. There are the infinite scroll addicts, who constantly overshare in their search for dopamine as they resist logging off out of fear of missing the trend of the day. There are the professionals, who are really just there to find freelance gigs and promote their concerts but can't help but get distracted by all the cute babies and cat videos.

Which of these sounds like you? Let's find out ... and when you do, it'll be time to share!

How many times a day do you look at Facebook?

When did you first get a Facebook account?

What is your Facebook avatar?

What does "LOL" mean?

How many friends do you have on Facebook?

How often are you sucked into a political discussion?

What's the most intimate photo you've ever posted on Facebook?

How often do you mention your relationship or lack thereof?

Have you ever sold an item through Facebook?

What category do most of your friends fall into?

Do you have more than one page?

If someone asks you why you're there, what do you say?

How do you feel about Facebook's role in our democracy?

Someone is wrong on Facebook! What will you do?

You got promoted and you were not near your phone when it happened. You reach the phone. Who do you tell first?

How often have you posted photos of food you made?

During a vacation, do you get on social media?

Do you ever sort of hate Facebook?

Since your first Facebook anniversary, what is the longest you've gone without logging in?

What percentage of your Facebook time would you say you spend in groups?

How many posts do you put up per day?

How many other social media platforms do you use?

Do you fact-check news before you share?

Do you still call it your "wall"?

What is your default setting for posts?

How often do you block people?

Do you mind Facebook knowing all these things about you?

What is the main point of Facebook, as far as you're concerned?

How often do you post about your kids or pet?

Would you share something that seemed legit, but was from a site you had never heard of?

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