Quiz: The Ultimate Theodore Roosevelt National Park Quiz
The Ultimate Theodore Roosevelt National Park Quiz
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There are few places left in America where you can truly experience what it was like to live in the Wild West. The Theodore Roosevelt National Park is one. Complete with changing landscape, a vast array of wildlife and numerous outdoor activities, this national park is worth the trip. Take this quiz and learn more about this park named for a president.

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Where is the Theodore Roosevelt National Park located?
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You can explore the park by:
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What geological landmarks are found within the park?
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What types of activities are offered in the park?
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Where is the park's headquarters?
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The town of Medora is named after:
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The visitor center for the national park used to be:
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When did Roosevelt live in his cabin that is now located in the national park?
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What animal was brought to the national park?
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Roosevelt's original cabin is made out of:
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When is a good time to go overlook the canyons in the national park?
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How should you travel to see the Oxbow overlook?
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When did Roosevelt head to North Dakota?
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When Roosevelt headed to North Dakota, the war between the Sioux and the American government:
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What was Roosevelt's occupation when he moved to North Dakota?
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As president of the United States, Roosevelt established:
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