Quiz: The Wonderful Whiskey Quiz
The Wonderful Whiskey Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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Just as with beer, the world of whiskey has fractured into many niches and flavors, from bourbon to Scotch. How much do you know about whiskey?

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What usually determines whether this spirit is spelled "whiskey" or "whisky"?
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What's the minimum aging time for bourbon?
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Wheat whiskeys are one of the most common whiskeys in North America.
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According to U.S. guidelines, what's the maximum alcohol content when bourbon is first poured into a barrel for the aging process?
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A Scotch whiskey must be aged in oak casks for a minimum of how many years?
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The earliest European whiskey was primarily created by which sector of the population?
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Rye is made mostly on which continent?
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How do "wheated" bourbons differ from bourbons that use rye?
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What's the minimum aging process for straight bourbon?
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Rye (the grain) is closely related to which other grain?
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If a whiskey is made in Northern Ireland, it can legally be called Irish whiskey.
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In the early stages of the creation process, whiskey is essentially a type of what?
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What's one advantage of blended Scotch whiskey over single malt Scotch whiskey?
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Most whiskeys have what minimum alcohol content?
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Scotch is usually distilled in containers made from what material?
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A blended Scotch whiskey is made by combining Scotch with what other spirit?
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Before Prohibition, what was the most popular style of whiskey in the United States?
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What is NOT an ingredient in a single malt Scotch whiskey?
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Single malt Scotch is generally more expensive than blended Scotch.
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Bourbon whiskey is made from at least 51 percent of which ingredient?
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How is corn whiskey different from bourbon?
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All single malt Scotch whiskeys have a smoky flavor.
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In which country did bourbon originate?
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How does Canadian blended whiskey usually taste compared to other whiskeys?
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Which type of whiskey is most likely to come from a single pot still?
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Tennessee whiskey is essentially what?
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Corn whiskey is usually aged about how long?
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In order to qualify for the bourbon label, the drink must be made entirely within the United States.
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Bourbons must have a corn content of at least 51 percent. In reality, what percentage is usually corn?
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