Quiz: The Women of the Civil War Quiz
The Women of the Civil War Quiz
By: Gavin Thagard
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Women played a major role in the outcome of the Civil War. How much do you know about their contributions?

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Did women fight in the Civil War?
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Who worked around the house for wealthy Southern women before the war?
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Which side did Rose O'Neal Greenhow fight for?
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Who was Lucretia Mott?
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What did Louisa May Alcott do during the war?
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Which was NOT a reason for the Civil War?
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What did Elizabeth Cady Stanton fight for?
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Who was the wife of Jefferson Davis?
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Where was Marie Tepe from?
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Where was the Siege of Vicksburg?
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Who provided clothing and supplies to wounded soldiers after the Battle fo Gettysburg?
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Who returned to the South to rescue slaves?
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Where did Robert E. Lee's family live when war broke out?
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What did Harriet Tubman carry to keep slaves from returning to their plantation once they escaped with her?
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Which of the following was Frederick Douglass NOT known for?
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Which did the South have more of?
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Who is known for leading a Union army from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia?
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Which prison was known for its poor conditions?
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Which Southern spy married her captor?
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Where was Pickett's charge?
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Who was the superintendent of women nurses for the Union army?
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Who was the 18th First Lady of the United States?
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Who was the 17th First Lady of the United States?
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What was the main cause of death during the war?
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What did Pauline Cushman do before the war?
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Who was the first woman executed by the United States government?
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Who is the only woman to receive the Medal of Honor?
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Who continued to live as a man after the war?
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Where was Belle Boyd from?
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