Quiz: The West Wing Quiz
The West Wing Quiz
By: Allie Theiss

About This Quiz

The West Wing was an NBC hit that ran from 1999 to 2006. Produced by Aaron Sorkin, it won just about every award going, including three consecutive Emmys for Outstanding Drama, plus gongs for cast members including Alison Janney, Alan Alda, and of course the man playing President Josiah Bartlett himself, Martin Sheen. The show had a glossy look and was noted for its long "walk and talk" sequences, where the camera would track two characters or more on a hike through the hallways of power.

The West Wing followed the administration of a president so virtuous that even back then, it would be hard to imagine such a good person making it so far up the greasy pole of politics. Still, it wasn't an entirely unrealistic show, with petty infighting among the White House team and all sorts of partisan bickering and backstabbing. The producers went to the trouble of hiring real political commentators from both sides of the aisle to consult on the show, ensuring that even views that were not popular in the writers' room were given a fair hearing in the mouths of smart characters who could hold their own.

Ultimately, as with all shows, it was the characters that really made it work and kept the viewers coming back. From President Bartlet to his straight-talking Chief of Staff, his no-nonsense Press Secretary, his badass wife, and his loyal assistants and beyond, the West Wing cast became our friends and even our fantasy elected officials. Let's see how well you remember them!

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President Bartlet is the governor of what state before he becomes the President.
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President Bartlet has a PhD in ______?
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What job is C.J. Cregg fired from before she joins the Bartlet administration as Press Secretary?
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Whom does Toby recognize as an equal in his field?
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C.J. is short for what name?
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Who vets Charlie for the White House?
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Which West Wing episode is considered by many to be the best one of the series?
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Charlie originally goes to the White House for what job?
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What is the name of C.J.’s goldfish that is a gift from Danny?
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The relationship between C.J. Cregg and Danny Concannon is based on what real-life relationship?
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What is the name of the Vice President?
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Janel Moloney, who plays Donna Moss, originally auditioned for what role?
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The original premise of the show intended to revolve around_____?
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Who is the flamboyant British Ambassador to the United States?
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What names does Toby give the twins?
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What song does C.J. Cregg sing for the staff?
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Charlie’s mother dies doing what job?
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What secret plan does Josh tell the press core when he does the press briefing for C.J. when she has a dental emergency?
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How does Mrs. Landingham die?
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What season does the creator of the “West Wing”, Aaron Sorkin, leave the show?
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Zoey is the name of one of President Bartlet’s daughters. What are the names of the other two?
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When Ainsley Hayes is brought on board as Associate White House Counsel, where do they put her office?
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How many elections has Toby helped to win as a Communication Director before President Bartlet’s campaign?
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What is the name of Sam’s call girl from season one?
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Josh convinces Sam to leave what law firm to join the Bartlet campaign?
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Leo McGarry’s true story about Big Block of Cheese Day centers on what President?
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Who does Matt Santos run against in the presidential election?
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Josh Lyman has a picture of what author on his desk?
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Who is offered the role of Jed Bartlet first?
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