Quiz: The Weird Presidential Trivia Quiz
The Weird Presidential Trivia Quiz
By: Bambi Turner
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About This Quiz

The role of U.S. president requires intelligence, dignity, and determination. While all the men who've taken on the job of POTUS have brought plenty to the table, many had a less-public side that was off-beat, quirky or just plain weird. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the more peculiar sides of the presidents!

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This president went on record claiming to have spotted a UFO.
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William Taft got stuck in the White House bathtub.
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In his last words, John Adams name-dropped this fellow president.
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Which future president owned a bar?
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Harry S. Truman doesn't actually have a middle name.
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Which president appeared on the cover of "Cosmopolitan" as a young man?
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What president vomited on another world leader?
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What sport did the younger George Bush participate in while in high school?
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What kind of pet did William Henry Harrison have while in the White House?
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Which president married his teacher?
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Which president had a pet parrot named Poll?
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What was the name of Herbert Hoover's German Shepherd?
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There has never been a bachelor president.
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Lincoln was a legend at this sport before he became president.
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What did Lyndon Johnson use as a desk chair in the Oval Office?
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Which president won the award for "Most Nearly Perfect Male Figure" in college?
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The New York Times called this president "the most unpopular man that has ever held any office in the U.S."
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Which president died after consuming a large quantity of cherries?
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Which president was ambidextrous?
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How many presidents have earned a PhD?
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Richard Nixon survived an assassination attempt.
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Which president lost the White House china in a poker game?
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Who was the smallest president?
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How many public speeches did Jefferson give during his eight years as commander in chief?
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Which 20th century president famously required the White House staff to remain invisible?
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This president married a woman less than half his age in 1886.
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Which president famously lost the nuclear launch codes?
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Who was the first president to live in the White House?
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Which 15th president slept in the hall of the White House to make more room for guests?
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Which president was known for his piano prowess?
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