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In the 80s, Westerns were a dying movie genre, but Hollywood assembled an all-star cast and gave them revolvers, hoping to bring glory to the Old West once again. How much do you know about the movie called "Young Guns"?

The movie is a Western that follows the adventures of which Old West icon?

As with so many Westerns, this one is about Billy the Kid and a series of clashes in the Old West. The story begins in 1878.

Where was most of the movie filmed?

"Young Guns" features many classic desert landscapes. Most of the movie was filmed in New Mexico, with some scenes shot in Arizona.

The movie is based on a true story.

The movie was inspired by the Lincoln County War, an 1878 clash in which two rival businessmen faced off in the Old West. They each hired henchmen to intimidate and eventually attack each other's supporters.

Who is John Tunstall?

Tunstall is an Englishman who owns a ranch. He hires Billy the Kid and other members of the Regulators gang to ward off competition from another rancher, Lawrence Murphy.

Who plays the part of Lawrence Murphy, who is Tunstall's enemy?

The weathered Jack Palance plays Lawrence Murphy, who has a serious hatred for John Tunstall (Terence Stamp) and Billy the Kid and his gang.

How does Tunstall treat the young men that he hires to protect his business?

Tunstall tries to help the young men learn to read and wants them to become better people. Unfortunately, his lessons don't last long.

Tunstall and Murphy are two ranchers who hate each other. Who's the first to die in the Lincoln County War?

As tensions flare between the two factions, Murphy's men strike first, and Tunstall is killed. Billy the Kid decides that he wants to avenge his boss's death.

Why doesn't the local judge immediately send out authorities to apprehend the killers?

Judge Wilson knows that the local sheriff is working for Murphy, so he refuses to do anything about the killing. He may as well be a part of the gang that shot Tunstall.

Charlie Sheen is one of the movie's main characters. He plays a man who has what name?

Charlie Sheen is Dick Brewster. He's one of the Regulators, the men trying to plot revenge against Lawrence Murphy and his henchmen.

Who plays the role of "Doc" Scurlock?

Kiefer Sutherland is Doc Scurlock. Doc is portrayed as a moral man who loves to write poetry.

Billy and the Regulators, freshly deputized, head off to arrest the murderers. What happens next?

Billy is consumed with rage over Tunstall's death. He leverages his deputy badge as a license for a killing rampage, blasting Murphy's men left and right.

Billy is known as "Billy the Kid" throughout the movie.

In the beginning, he's just Billy. After the killing spree, the local paper calls him "Billy the Kid." He likes the nickname and it becomes legendary.

Dick starts off as the leader of the gang. How does he die?

One of Murphy's men, Buckshot Roberts, manages to shoot and kill Dick. That leaves Billy as the unchallenged leader of the Regulators.

Billy and the Regulators flee town to escape the authorities. But then they return. Why?

Murphy's men decide to kill Billy's lawyer friend Alex. The Regulators scurry back to town to try and save his life.

The Regulators arrive at Alex's house, where they are surrounded by Murphy's men. Then what happens?

With the Regulators trapped inside, Murphy's men set the house on fire and wait outside with their guns drawn. Billy and his gang must act swiftly or perish.

The movie won a single Academy Award.

This was no Oscar-worthy film, it was just a fun Western loaded with familiar faces. It wasn't even nominated for any Academy Awards.

Who plays the part of Pat Garrett, who would go on to became a legendary lawman of the Old West?

Patrick Wayne plays Pat Garrett. Wayne, of course, is the son of the world-famous Western star John Wayne.

Alice Carter is the actress who plays Yen Sun, who is which character's girlfriend?

Yen Sun is the girlfriend of Chavez. He helps to save her from Murphy, who is using her as a sex slave.

Several of the Regulators are shot escaping the burning house. Murphy never gets what he deserves for killing Tunstall.

As the men run for their lives, they blast shot after shot at Murphy's men. Billy takes aim at Murphy and shoots him in the head.

"Young Guns" did well at the box office. How many sequels were there?

In 1990, "Young Guns II" hit theaters. It was the only sequel, and its mixed reviews meant that there was never a third in the series.

In real life, just as in the movie, Billy the Kid escaped under fire and lived to fight again.

Billy did escape the burning house and managed to avoid being struck by gunfire. He continued his life as a bloodthirsty outlaw, until his rampage came to a legendary -- and equally bloody -- end.

"Young Guns" is a famous Western from 1988. Who directed the film?

This Western was directed by Christopher Cain. He's done a few other movies, such as "The Principal" and "Where the River Runs Black."

This film is full of Hollywood superstars. Who is NOT in the movie?

There's no Clint Eastwood. Emilio Estevez is Billy the Kid. Other famous actors include Sheen, Lou Diamond Phillips and Kiefer Sutherland. And yes, Tom Cruise is in there, too -- he's uncredited but appears in one of the gunfights.

John Fusco was one of the film's producers. He also performed what job?

Fusco was both writer and producer. He also wrote "Young Guns II" and "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron."

Given the star cast and location shooting, the movie was fairly affordable. How much did it cost?

For 1988, $11 million was a pretty good bargain. That's especially true given the film's solid box office performance.

The film was a hit. How much did the movie gross at box offices?

"Young Guns" took its $11 million budget and grossed $46 million. It opened as the No. 1 movie in the country.

Who is the leader of the Regulators?

Dick is the leader that was installed by Tunstall. But it's not long before Billy challenges him as the gang's alpha member.

Billy becomes a vigilante killer who is hellbent on killing Murphy.

Billy and the gang actually visit a lawyer named Alex. He deputizes the men, meaning that they now have legal means to pursue Murphy's men for the killing of Tunstall.

John Tunstall is shown as a mature man with great sophistication and life experience. How old was he in real life?

In real life, Tunstall was just 24 years old. But his young age didn't seem to fit the story, so producers made him older for the film.

The movie included a lot of horse-riding scenes. How did Charlie Sheen do with regards to riding?

Sheen supposedly had a very hard time handling a horse. He fell off numerous times but fortunately wasn't seriously injured.

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