Quiz: The Ultimate Trucker Slang Quiz
The Ultimate Trucker Slang Quiz
By: Isadora Teich
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About This Quiz

Breaker, breaker, one, nine. We challenge you to test your trucker lingo knowledge.

For more than seventy-five years, big rig culture has been immortalized on the big screen and in American music. From 1940's They Drive by Night, with Humphrey Bogart; to 1975's White Line Fever, with Jan Michael Vincent; to the popular 1978 television show B.J. and the Bear, starring Greg Evigan, trucker culture has played an important role. We might even say that the culture became extremely popular due to the success of the 1978 blockbuster, Convoy, starring Kris Kristofferson and Ali MacGraw, which was inspired by a 1976 country music song of the same name.

Truckers are depicted as rough-and-tumble big guys with a heart. It's hard not to love them. But, let's admit it, we all love that trucker lingo. Truckers face long hauls on the road and could use a little banter to stay alert and connected. Truckers use CB radios to chat, share road conditions, and, of course, make sure everyone knows where those Smokeys are. It's that trucker slang that is so enticing. After all, saying "a police officer operating a radar gun at the 50 mile marker" is nowhere near as fun as saying "Kojack with a Kodak at the 50 yardstick."

Think you can hang with the big boys? Take this trucker slang quiz to find out.

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What does road pizza refer to?
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What does Roger mean?
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Which of these states to truckers refer to as Shaky?
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What does "affirmative" mean?
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If a trucker on CB radio is known as a ratchet jaw it means that they are:
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If a weigh station is all locked up, it's:
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If a trucker says something is at your back door, that means that there is something:
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If a trucker says they have too many eggs in the basket, their truck is:
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What does a chicken coop refer to?
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What does Wally World refer to?
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If a trucker is throwin' iron, what are they doing?
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During which season might you see a salt shaker on the road?
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What does 42 mean?
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If a trucker on CB radio is reading the mail, what are they doing?
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If one trucker tells another to hammer down, what are they asking them to do?
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What does meat wagon refer to?
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What does Bambi refer to?
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If a trucker is paying the water bill, what is he actually doing?
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What do truckers call roller skates?
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What does 10-4 mean?
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Where is a trucker driving if they are going through the woods?
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"Negatory" means:
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West Coast Turnarounds refer to:
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