Quiz: The ultimate Rocky movies quiz!
The ultimate Rocky movies quiz!
By: Torrance Grey
Image: Chartoff-Winkler Productions

About This Quiz

Did you watch every "Rocky" movie ever made? If you did, you just might ace this quiz. Give it a go to find out just how much you remember of these popular movies.

Ahhh, "Rocky"... the ultimate movie about how the little guy, with a solid heart and a lot of hard work, can come out on top against all the odds. The movie pulled at the heart of every American moviegoer with this story about the American dream - work hard and you can be/do anything you want.

The initial low budget film turned into a powerhouse series of seven total films: "Rocky," "Rocky II," "Rocky III," "Rocky IV," "Rocky V," "Rocky Balboa," and "Creed," and spanned a time period of almost three decades. The first "Rocky" film was released in 1976, and the last film, "Creed," was released in 2015.

The "Rocky" franchise was spawned from one low-budget film with a budget of only $1 million and went on to earn $225 million at the box office, making it the biggest earner of 1976. The movie even won three Oscars. Sylvester Stallone himself wrote the screenplay for the film, which made him a household name.

Can you hold our own on this "Rocky" quiz? Let's find out.

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What year was the first Rocky movie released?
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Who wrote the screenplay for the first film?
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What is Rocky's day job in the first film?
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Where does Adrian, Rocky's love interest, work?
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Who actually wins the fight in the first film? (It's amazing how many people don't remember this).
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Whom does Rocky stop briefly to visit on his way to the rematch with Apollo?
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Who had a cameo as "Thunderlips," the wrestler Rocky fights in a charity match?
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In "Rocky IV," who does Ivan Drago fight before Rocky?
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Which actress, popular in the 80s, played Drago's wife Ludmilla?
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What is the name of the young fighter that Rocky trains in the fifth film?
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What is Rocky's (and his son's) real first name, revealed in the 5th film?
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What is Paulie's hobby, seen prominently in "Rocky Balboa"?
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What is the name of Rocky's Italian restaurant?
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What name does Little Marie's son go by?
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In "Creed," who took Donnie in after his time in juvenile detention?
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Who plays Rocky Jr. in "Creed"?
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Which is the only movie in the series to end with a street fight?
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What was the dead-broke Stallone trying to sell before he broke through with "Rocky"?
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