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He's a man who survived it all, being a prisoner of war, the war itself and many more missions. The series of movies has become a set of classics that follow Rambo from his first venture to the last where he tried to settle down. It's time to show off just how much of a super fan you really are. Think you know all about his adventures?

Do you know who the villains in each movie are, and what they did? How many nicknames can you name that are used for Rambo? Do you know which gun Rambo used most in all of the movies? Can you name the war that Rambo was part of? Knowing the main character and his story is only half of the battle!

Do you know any famous quotes from the movie series? What about the events that take place in each film? Can you identify the character that was almost captured by pirates? If you said yes to any of these questions, then we'd say that you're ready for this quiz!

If you consider yourself to be the ultimate Rambo fan, then what are you waiting for? Prove your knowledge on the man, myth and legend, Rambo!

Who was killed while Rambo was prisoner in the second movie?

Co-Bao was killed by the captors running the camp. Rambo was able to get revenge for the death of Co-Bao by killing the captors.


Who targeted Rambo upon his arrival in Washington?

Will Teasle was always around to give Rambo trouble after meeting him in Washington. Did you know that Will differs from villains from the other movies in many ways? One way is that he doesn't smoke, while all of the others do!


What is one of Rambo's jobs in the fourth movie?

Rambo lived in Thailand and worked as a person giving boat rides. His first peaceful job ended abruptly in this movie when he embarked on another mission.


Which of the following was a charge against Rambo when he was first arrested by Will Teasle?

Rambo had a knife on him when he was arrested by Will Teasle. That was enough to get him into some more trouble with the sheriff.


Is it true or false that Rambo dies at the end of the second movie?

This is false. Rambo gets away scot free in this movie. Did you know that Sylvester Stallone had turned down the role of Rambo before ultimately deciding to accept it?


What happened to Rambo while he was in Vietnam?

Rambo became a prisoner of war while serving in the War of Vietnam. Did you know that prisoners of war received cards in World War II that gave them an escape route? It was very clever.


Soldiers from what country went after Rambo in the second movie?

Russian soldiers took after Rambo after he intervened on the camp filled with prisoners. Rambo, being skilled at combat, was able to survive their attacks effortlessly.


Who did Will Teasle call in for help with capturing Rambo?

The Colonel was Rambo's commanding officer while in Vietnam, and Will thought that he could be of assistance with stopping the veteran. Rambo wasn't giving in to the Colonel's commands back at home.


Is it true or false that Rambo survived a collapse of the mine in "First Blood"?

This is true. Despite the belief of the officers that they had killed the infamous Rambo, they were wrong. Rambo made it out alive and made his escape to their surprise.


Is it true or false that violence is a main part of the movies?

This is true. Rambo movies have a lot to do with violence. He is a man who served in the war and fights for what is right!


By the beginning of "Rambo: First Blood Part II," how many years had Rambo served in prison?

By the beginning of the second movie, Rambo had been serving time for three years. It had also been three years since the first movie in real life as well.


John Rambo was a veteran of what war?

John Rambo was a veteran of the Vietnam War. Did you know that the war lasted 20 years, and ended about seven years before "First Blood" came out?


Who did the Mujahideen help?

The tribe helped out Rambo after some convincing. They helped him to get the Colonel out of the trouble that he was in as a prisoner.


In the second movie, what was Rambo offered in exchange for his help?

In exchange for his help, Rambo was offered a pardon for his crimes. Luckily, he was one of the only people capable of handling the job, giving him the opportunity to get out of custody for good.


Is it true or false that "Rambo" is banned in Burma even though it features the country?

This is true. Burma is not a fan of Rambo! The movie was even filmed in the country, but it still doesn't get approval because of its content.


What was Rambo not supposed to do during his mission in the second film?

Rambo is not one to follow rules, and this is just one example. When faced with watching a prisoner suffer, he got involved and tried to save them from their captors.


Who did not allow Rambo to return on the helicopter home?

Marshall Murdock was the one who stopped Rambo's returned home. He was angry that Rambo interfered and saved the prisoner's life through his rescue.


At the end of the fourth movie, where does Rambo go?

At the end of this movie, Rambo decides to go back home to the United States. After all he went through, he deserves a little bit of a break!


Who did not care for the prisoners in the second movie?

Marshall refused to help the prisoners of war, even though Rambo felt that it was very important. Rambo had come from a situation where he was able to empathize with the other prisoners.


Is it true or false that "boatman" was a nicknmae that Rambo had?

This is true. Rambo drove a boat in the movie, so the nickname is quite fitting. He was also known by the names of animals, for example, "Raven."


Where was Colonel Trautman being held in the third movie?

Colonel Trautman was being held in Pakistan. Did you know that the country is home to a desert the can grow plants? This is because there is access to water in this desert.


Who captures Rambo at the end of the movie "First Blood"?

Rambo was eventually forced to give himself up to his former commander in Vietnam. This was the better option for him, as he would have been killed otherwise.


Which character was not actually present in the movie "Rambo"?

Rambo's commanding officer, Colonel Traurtman, was played by Richard Crenna. Unfortunately, he passed away before the release of the movie.


What caused cancer in John's friend?

Rambo's friend was exposed to Agent Orange, which contributed to causing cancer. Unfortunately, he passed away due to the disease.


Is it true or false that Rambo carries a bow and arrow?

This is false. Rambo doesn't carry a bow and arrow, but he does carry an alternate weapon. Remember his trusty machete? He carries that along with him sometimes.


What country is Rambo in in the movie "Rambo III"?

Rambo was in Thailand during the movie, where he was asked to help on another mission. Rambo refused to help out on this one until he was forced to.


Which famous quote came from the movie "Rambo"?

The famous phrase "Live for nothing or die for something" has become iconic. Even Sylvester Stallone thinks that it is a great line.


Who got captured in the third movie?

Colonel Trautman was captured when taking on the mission himself. This forced Rambo to help his old friend, otherwise, it could lead to his death.


Who stopped Rambo's boat while it was on its way to a village in the fourth movie?

A band of pirates stopped the boat on its way to the tribe. They shouldn't have stopped Rambo, as they paid for it with their lives.


Is it true or false that Rambo was able to save Colonel Trautman from his captors?

This is true. Rambo made it in the nick of time, saving his friend form being killed. The two were then able to escape from the camp.


Which gun did Rambo use most of the time?

The M60 machine gun was Rambo's gun of choice most of the time. Of course, there are also many other guns used through the entire series of films.


Who is the villain in the fourth movie?

Officer Tint was the villain who was working against Rambo in this movie. He and his group committed countless crime among innocent villages in Thailand.


Who did the pirates want to take as hostage in the fourth movie?

The pirates wanted to take Sarah captive. In return, they would allow the boat to pass by them, but Rambo was not having it.


What book are the movies inspired by?

The Rambo movies were based on a book called "First Blood." It was written only 10 years before the film adaptation was released in 1982.


In the fourth movie, the mission was done to save who?

The mission was done to save the tribes people of Karen. They were subject to mass violence by Officer Tint and his group, which resulted in many people getting killed.


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