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Horses are undoubtedly some of the most majestic beasts on this planet. They were domesticated by us humans thousands of years ago and have evolved over the millions of years that they are said to have been in existence for. While these lovely animals have their uses, they're also just as amazing when we just observe them in their natural habitat. They are fast, wild, sometimes playful, and can sleep standing up or lying down. But that's not why we're here, as interesting as these facts are. 

We're here to see how much you know, not about their habits, but about the breeds of horse that exist. Each breed has a distinctive group of characteristics that those animals then pass on to their offspring, thus continuing the line and helping us to recognize them as a group. But do you know enough about these animals to see the difference between an Andalusian horse and a Belgian warmblood?

This quiz will put that knowledge and more to the test. So, if you think you can take this quiz by the reigns, rather than falling off the saddle, let's get started!

One of the most recognizable horses in existence, which breed is this?

The Arabian or Arab horse is one of the most recognizable horse breeds known for its distinctive head shape and high tail carriage. One of the oldest breeds, it was selectively bred for its versatility, intelligence, willingness to please, alertness, and sensitivity.

Known for its speed and spirit, what kind of horse is this?

Thoroughbreds, developed during the 17th and 18th century England, are "hot-blooded" horses known for its speed, agility, and spirit. This horse is a crossbreed of native English mares and imported Oriental stallions of Barb, Turkoman and Arabian breeding.

This kind of horse stands out because of its spots, but what is it called?

The Appaloosa is an American breed of horse that is easily recognized by its colorful spotted coat pattern. In addition to its coat, this breed is distinguished by its mottled skin, striped hooves, and white sclera visible around the iris when the eye is in a normal position.

What kind of horse is this?

The Quarter Horse, also known as the American Quarter Horse, is a well-muscled American horse breed known for its excellent ability to sprint over short distances. This breed is used in horse racing, rodeos, horse shows, and for ranch work.

This particular breed comes in many different colors. What is its name?

Paint Horses are a breed of horse developed from a base of spotted horses with Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse bloodlines which led to its distinct coat spotting patterns of white and dark hair. The spots are usually white laid against a background of black, brown, bay, chestnut or sorrel.

Of the options, which one best matches the horse seen in the picture?

The Mustang, also referred to as wild horses, is a breed of American free-roaming horses that descended from once-domesticated horses. The original Mustangs were Colonial Spanish horses which then bred with other types and breeds of horses, resulting in the modern Mustang.

Also called the Tinker horse, what is the more common name for this beauty?

The Gypsy Vanner, also called the Gypsy Cob, Gypsy Horse, Tinker Horse or Irish Cob, is a type of Irish domestic horse known for its small, solid build. It is usually, but not always piebald, i.e., having a pattern of pigmented spots on a white background.

One of the earliest American breeds, which of the options do you think this is?

Morgans, one of the earliest United States' horse breeds, is a muscular but refined-built horse named after U.S. composer and horse breeder, Justin Morgan. It is identified by its compact build, strong legs, short back, broad forehead, large prominent eyes, and an upright, well-arched neck.

Can you tell us which of the following breeds this horse belongs to?

The Clydesdale is a Scottish breed of a draft horse named after the farm horses of Clydesdale, Scotland. It is a tall breed, typically bay in color (brown body and black mane, tail, lower legs, edges and ears) that was originally used for haulage and agriculture.

Named after some Isles of Scotland, which horse do you see here?

The Shetland Pony is a breed of pony named after the Shetland Isles, Scotland where it originated. They are characterized by their intelligence, dense, double winter coat, long thick manes and tails, sturdy build, and their ability to pull twice their own weight.

Identify the breed this horse belongs to.

The Andalusian, also called the Pure Spanish Horse, is a breed of horse originating in the Iberian Peninsula. This distinct breed is known for its intelligence, docility, prowess, stamina, compact yet elegant build and long, thick manes and tails.

Also called the Pure Spanish horse, what's the more common name of this animal?

The Tennessee Walking Horse or Tennessee Walker, is a gaited horse breed that was originally developed in the southern U.S. for plantation and farm use. It is a popular riding horse known for its flashy movements and unique four-beat running-walk.

Having originated in the UK, which you can tell by its name, which horse is this?

The Welsh Pony is one of a group of four closely-related horse breeds that originated in the United Kingdom. This breed is believed to have existed in Wales before 1600 B.C. and is noted for its intelligence, strong, compact build, stamina, and bold and fast movements.

What's this horse's breed?

The Friesian or Frisian is a nimble and graceful horse breed originating in Friesland, the Netherlands. They are known for their black coat, thick manes and tail, feather on lower legs, powerful muscles and agile yet elegant movements.

This tall draught horse hails from the UK. But what is its name?

The Shire Horse is a tall breed of draught horse originating in the United Kingdom. It is identified by its black, gray or bay coat and feathered legs. Due to its large size, it has an excellent capacity for weight pulling and is also used for riding and forestry.

This stocky horse is best for domestic uses. What is it called?

The Mongolian or Mongol Horse is a horse breed indigenous to Mongolia, from which the breed takes its name. It has a small but stocky build with strong legs and a large head. This allows it to perform domestic work suck as riding and transportation.

Take a chance and guess what kind of horse this is.

Hackney Horses are a recognized horse breed originating in Great Britain. It is an elegant high-stepping breed of carriage horse known for its flashy appearance, stamina, and its ability to trot at high speeds over an extended period of time.

Known as the mini, for short (no pun intended), what is the full name of this horse?

The Miniature Horse, also known as the mini horse or mini pony, is a widespread breed of horse commonly found in Europe and the Americas. This breed comes in a variety of colors and coat patterns and is known for its friendly demeanor and small, yet sturdy stature.

Can you tell us where this horse fits in?

American Saddlebreds are a large breed of horse developed in the United States. They come in a variety of colors with brown, black, bay and chestnut bring the most common. They are characterized by their long, slim arched necks, sloping shoulders, and strong level backs.

A mix between Oriental and European breeds, what is the name of this product?

Bretons are a breed of draft horse created through the crossbreeding of many different Oriental and European breeds. Originating in Brittany, France, the Breton is typically chestnut in color with a strong and muscular build that makes it suitable for a variety of work.

Developed in the Netherlands, what is this medium-sized horse called?

The Dutch Warmblood is a warmblood type of horse developed in the Netherlands. It is a medium-sized horse with a rectangular frame and comes in many colors including black, gray, brown, chestnut or bay and commonly white markings.

Which of these groups do you think this horse belongs to?

Haflingers, also called Avelignese, are a horse breed originating in Austria and northern Italy sometime during the late 19th century. It is a small horse with a sturdy build and is identified by its chestnut coat with a flaxen (lighter) mane and tail.

The national breed of its country, what do you think this horse's breed is?

The Irish Draught is the national horse breed of Ireland dating back as far as the 18th century. They are a well-built and muscular breed and a popular choice for crossbreeding with Warmblood and Thoroughbreds, creating Irish Sports Horses.

Match this horse to its breed.

Developed in North America, the Standardbred is a solid, well-built horse commonly used for a variety of equestrian activities such as harness racing, horse shows, and pleasure riding. They are slightly heavier than a Thoroughbred and are able to trot or pace at speed for racing.

This is the most popular Russian breed in existence. What is its name?

The Orlov Trotter is the most famous Russian horse breed, known for its hereditary fast trot and excellent stamina and speed. It is easily recognized by its predominantly gray coat and a tall and robust build in comparison to that of the Standardbred.

Both a moorland and mountain pony, what's the name of this breed?

The Highland Pony is one of the three indigenous breeds of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Its one of the largest moorland and mountain pony breeds found in the British Isles. This breed comes in many colors including yellow, gray, cream, black, bay or seal brown.

Developed in the Perche region of France, what could this horse's breed possibly be?

Percherons are a breed of draft horse developed in Huisne river valley in the province of Perche, France. Initially bred for use as war horses, they are known for their intelligence and are identified by their gray or black coat and well-muscled build.

Can you correctly guess what kind of horse this is?

The Hanoverian is a native German warmblood horse breed, commonly used in the Olympic Games and competitive English riding styles. It was originally a carriage horse that was later crossbred with a Thoroughbred to make it more agile, graceful, and athletic for competitions.

Also called the Khazar horse, what other name does this horse go by?

The Caspian Horse, also known as the Khazar Horse, is a small, ancient breed of horse originating in Northern Iran. It is known for its intelligence, kindness, and willingness and comes in a range of shades including gray, black, bay, chestnut and dun.

A draft horse developed in Denmark, which of the options is this horse's breed?

Jutland is a breed of draft horses developed in Denmark and named after the Jutland Peninsula of the western part of the country. They are typically chestnut in color and are known for their calm and willing temperament and robust, muscular build.

Where does this stallion fit in best?

The Carolina Marsh Tacky, or simply Marsh Tacky, is a rare horse breed originating in South Carolina. This small horse is considered by the Equus Survival Trust and the Livestock Conservancy to be critically endangered with only 275 existing today.

This breed is very rare and may have descended from Arabian horses. What is it?

The Marwari, also known as Malani, is a rare breed of horse native to the Marwar region of India and is known for its inward curved and touching ears. It is a medium-sized breed which descended from the local Indian ponies crossed with Arabian and possibly Mongolian horses.

This Irish breed is extremely athletic. But what is it called?

The Connemara Pony is an Irish breed of pony known for its athleticism, versatility, intelligence, and good temperament. It is a large pony of the sports horse type and is bred worldwide including Europe, Australasia, South Africa and North America.

Which group best suits this horse?

The Icelandic Pony or Icelandic Horse, is the only breed of horses in Iceland and is known for its compact build, heavy coat and two unique gaits. Its coat comes in a range of colors including black, gray, chestnut, dun, bay, roan, palomino and pinto.

Known to have white markings, what is the name of this horse that hails from the Netherlands?

The Gelderland, also known as Gelderlander, is a heavy warmblood horse breed native to the Netherlands province, Gelderland. This breed is usually chestnut in color but may be black, gray or bay with white markings on the face and legs in the sabino or tobiano pattern.

Which of these breeds does this horse belong to?

Akhal-Teke is a horse breed and the national emblem of Turkmenistan known for its speed, endurance, and intelligence. One of the oldest existing horse breeds, it is nicknamed the "Golden Horse" due to its metallic, shiny coat of palomino and buckskin.

A German breed, what kind of horse is this?

The Holstein or Holsteiner, is a medium-sized breed of horse developed in the Schleswig-Holstein region of Germany. One of the oldest breeds of warmbloods, it is commonly used today in international show jumping, combined driving, dressage and show hunters.

An endangered breed, what is this British animal's type called?

The Exmoor Pony is an endangered breed of horse indigenous to the British Isles. This breed is noted for its height, compact and sturdy build, hardiness, endurance and dark brown coat with pangaré markings around the eyes, muzzle, underbelly and flanks.

Can you tell us the name of this horse's breed?

The Lipizzaner or Lippizzan is a breed of horse that dates back to the 16th century when it was developed by the House of Habsburg. It is identified by its stocky, muscular build and long head with large and small ears. Its coat is typically gray and rarely, solid bay or black.

It has a name as equally as unique as the place in India that it's from. What is it?

The Kathiawari or Kathiawadi Horse is a breed of horse named after the Kathiawari peninsula in western India, where it originated. A close relative of Marwari, this breed bears the same distinct inwardly curved ears with a chestnut, bay, gray, or dun coat.

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