Quiz: The Song of Ice and Fire Quiz
The Song of Ice and Fire Quiz
By: Kyle Nelson
Image: NBC/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Do you stop in your tracks when someone mentions the Song of Ice and Fire? Do you find yourself checking and rechecking the map in Game of Thrones and imagining that amazing world? Thinking back on the first book in the series, do you feel awash with emotions: victory, struggle, misery, sacrifice, leadership and justice? Then this is the quiz for you. Relive what makes Game of Thrones so immensely popular: the characters, the situations that turn on a dime, the thirst for power … and vengeance. Take the quiz now and you’ll quench your need to rule the day. 

Sure, some of the questions will be easy, as they’ll be focused on your favorite characters and conflicts. The rising threat of the supernatural Others, the ambition of Daenerys Targaryen to assume the Iron Throne. You may easily recall the name of Lord Eddard Stark’s sword (Ice). But do you know the official name of the band of sellswords led by Vargo Hoat (the Brave Companions)? What about who “killed” Jon Snow? Take this quiz now and don’t be surprised if you find yourself re-reading one of your favorite books. Winter is coming. Don’t wait. Click the button below to start your quiz.

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