Quiz: The Ultimate Car Quiz
The Ultimate Car Quiz
By: Robin Tyler
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About This Quiz

In the short matter of a century and a bit, the motor car has shown itself to be one of the world's greatest inventions. Karl Benz could not have known that his Benz Patent Autowagen would lead to vehicle transport as we know it today. Not just cars but pickups, SUVs, crossover vehicles, trucks and much, much more. Each and every one of them has their unique place in our daily lives, be it taking us from point A to point B, transporting goods across the country or even providing a little bit of recreational fun. 

We truly would be lost without them, wouldn't we? And they are complex beasts! That's for sure. Even those early vehicles! Even though they are nothing like today's vehicles, they were fairly complex in their own way. And today, modern cars have extremely complex engines which are all powered by computers to ensure they run as efficiently as possible, each and every time they are started.

So now the question is... can you complete ultimate car quiz? It is filled with questions about cars, the men and companies that made them. It also has a few questions about their inner workings! Think you can ace this? Let's see, shall we!

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True or false? One of the first hybrid cars, a combination of electric and gasoline power, was designed in 1906.
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Name the American Formula One racing team that entered the sport for the first time in 2016.
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Name the part of the car that helps get the power from the engine to the wheels to turn them?
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The classic TV show, "The Saint," starred soon-to-be James Bond actor, Roger Moore. Which vehicle did his character drive?
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Name the Alfa Romeo mechanic who started the ​Italian sports car manufacturer, Ferrari.
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The Ford Mustang is a true American classic. But it was almost called something else. Pick the right answer below.
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The Model T is Ford's best selling model. Just how many were manufactured?
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A racing series similar to Formula One but with electric powered cars first made an appearance in 2014. Can you name it?
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What vehicle manufacturer do you associate with Ransom E Olds?
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Chevy chose to give their second generation Corvette a second name related to the sea. What is it?
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Which of these is considered to be the first real muscle car, although it wasn't really known at the time.
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When Ford produced its 300 millionth car, what model did they choose to make it?
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2017 saw Italian sports car maker Ferrari celebrate its ________ anniversary.
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The movie, "Iron Man", released in 2008, saw Tony Stark drive which make of car?
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Which important car accessory did Mary Anderson invent in 1903?
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Name the part of the car's engine that moves within the cylinder?
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Of the options below, which is a Russian pickup truck that can carry around 350 kilograms?
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Can you name the Australian car brand affiliated with General Motors?
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Do you know the name of the off-road vehicle based on the Humvee used by American armed forces?
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Essentially a rebadged Ford F-150 with some upmarket features added, can you identify the pickup that was pulled after just one year?
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Which name below, would you associate with the early years at Chevrolet?
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Do you know the first car to make use of gullwing doors?
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Of these below, which is NOT a muscle car?
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Ford introduced a Model T pickup in 1925. What was its name?
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What part on a car with automatic transmission moves lubricant around the gearbox?
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Which company introduced the first hybrid pickup in 2004?
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The first plug-in all-electric vehicle ever designed was which of these listed below?
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Which of these help to heat a diesel engine to ensure a proper start.
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In what year was the first speedometer introduced on a car?
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Rear-view mirrors first became a car accesory in what year?
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Name the car that ended Ferrari domination at the 24-hour Le Mans race in 1966?
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A car comes to a stop through one of these below. Can you pick the right answer?
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Of these below, which helps keep a comfortable temperature in a car?
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Major parts of the engine are found here, including the piston, crankshaft and cylinders. What are we talking about?
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