Quiz: The Trucking Safety Quiz
The Trucking Safety Quiz
By: Heather Cahill
Image: Spaces Images / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Cruising down the highway with the tunes turned up sounds great, but it is quite a responsibility! It's very important to always be ready and take the proper precautions while operating a rig. You have to remember not only your safety but also that of others on the road. But that doesn't mean you can't have any fun while driving the open road! How much do you know about staying safe while trucking?

Do you know where all of the blind spots are on a truck? What about the places where you should take extra caution? Do you know how to secure all of your cargo to make it safe? It's very important to know all of the rules of the road to make sure that you are well prepared for any situation. It also helps to know the way that your truck works and to be comfortable with driving it.

Do you know the elements of your truck that should be replaced regularly? Do you know what tools you might want to take on the road with you? Can you name some things that you should be on the lookout for? It's helpful and important to know.

So if you think you're prepared to hit the road as a trucker, then you'll have to prove it! Take the quiz to see if you know all of the basics of truck safety.

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As a driver, it is true or false that you will have a safety rating?
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What should you ensure is secure before leaving on a trip?
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Should you always follow the speed limit?
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What should you not use when it is icy?
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What should you never do while operating a rig?
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What situation might a truck driver find difficult?
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Where is one of your blind spots when operating a truck?
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If you feel that you're in a dangerous situation, what should you do first?
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What is a good way to keep yourself alert while driving?
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What is very important to check before getting on the road?
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What is important to have just in case?
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What incident can take place while driving a rig that can be hard to get out of?
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What is important to have on hand just in case?
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What is important to have in order for your truck to perform its best?
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What can affect your safety as well as that of others while operating a truck?
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What might be handy to have while on the road?
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Is it true or false that it is important to pay attention to road signs?
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What should you replace regularly?
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As with any vehicle, what must you not forget to do?
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What must you make sure is secure before hitting the road?
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If you need to go around an approaching object quickly, what should you do?
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What is an important thing to do before operating your truck?
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What parts of the truck should you make sure are still in good shape a few times a year?
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What is one place that you must be especially careful of when traveling on?
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What should you always be looking out for when trucking?
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Your comfort is important when trucking. How can you make yourself more comfortable?
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What can make it easier to get to your destination?
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