Quiz: The Totally Gnarly '80s Slang Quiz
The Totally Gnarly '80s Slang Quiz
By: Allison Lips
Image: RichVintage/E+/GettyImages

About This Quiz

In the 1980s, teens wore bright colors, used slang and created their own culture. Some girls spoke like Valley Girls in an attempt to attract teenage boys. Others hung out with surfers or the mallrats, which were two subcultures with their own lingo. Both wanted you to know that they were not be confused with the nerds and the dweebs.

Teenagers on the coasts were able to catch some gnarly waves after school. Everyone else was stuck listening to the radio or popping cassettes into their boomboxes and Walkmans. If you were lucky, you could watch MTV to discover new music. Fortunately for music lovers, this was the time when Michael Jackson was bad. Those who enjoyed harder music headbanged to Twisted Sister and Poison songs as their sisters listened to Madonna and Cyndi Lauper.

After dinner, the family would gather 'round the TV and watch rad shows like "The A-Team," "MacGyver," and "Miami Vice." 

Did this intro get you amped? Or do the '80s make you want to exclaim "gag me with a spoon?" Will you find this quiz to be dope or will you feel like a doofus because you forgot what some words mean? Don't wig out. It's time to get stoked and test your '80s slang vocabulary!

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Why would a surfer dude describe waves as gnarly?
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When someone requests that you "Gag me with a spoon," what are they really saying?
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If you were told a story and at the end, the person telling it said "psych!," what did they do?
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When someone says that's "radical," what do they mean?
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When a man describes a woman as "bodacious," what is he saying?
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Which is another way to describe an "airhead?"
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What does "Don't have a cow" mean?
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If you're told to take a "chill pill," what are you being told to do?
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What made Will Smith the "Fresh Prince?"
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Who are you with if you're hanging with your "posse?"
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When someone exclaims "totally," what do they mean?
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Who is a "dude?"
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If you ask for "the 411," what are you looking for?
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What does it mean to do something "to the max?"
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If you're vegging out in front of the TV set, what are you doing?
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If you were in the 1980s and someone described an outfit as "bogus," what would they mean?
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If you ask a question and someone responds "duh," what are they implying?
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What does an '80s teen mean when they call something "wicked?"
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What type of person is most likely to scream "cowabunga" to show excitement?
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What does someone mean when they say "barf me out?"
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Why would you call something "grody?"
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Why might a woman be interested in a "stud?"
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What does it mean to "party hardy?"
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If someone says that party was "bad," what do they mean?
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If something is "the bomb," what is it?
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What is another term for a "poseur?"
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