Quiz: The Texas Slang Quiz
The Texas Slang Quiz
By: Deborah Beckwin
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About This Quiz

Many Texans will still call Texas the Republic of Texas, hearkening back to the 19th century when Texas was a republic for 10 years (1836-1846). And in many ways, Texas has its own distinct culture because of its diversity.

Although it is considered to be a part of the South, Texas has many different influences. But that doesn't mean that Texan slang doesn't have Southern influences--it definitely does. If you know a little bit of Southern culture, you'll recognize some of the words and phrases in this quiz.

But Texas also is a part of the Southwest, which mean cowboys, ranchers and rodeos. Horses and cattle--and the people who handle them--are important parts of Texan culture.

Beyond the stereotypes of the West, there's the racial and ethnic diversity of Texas which affects Texan slang. African Americans, people of Hispanic origins (including Tejanos), and people with European ancestry have all contributed to Texas' unique culture.  It's really the ultimate American melting pot, despite what the folks on the East and West coasts might say!

So we hope that find this quiz to be a hoot and that it ain't too hard for ya. Good luck!

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What's Texan slang for telling someone to be quiet?
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How are you feeling if you're "tuckered out"?
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What's Texan slang for the word family?
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If you're going out to eat some "wangs", what are you eating?
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Someone tells you that you need to "git"--what do you need to do?
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After your Texan friend finishes dinner, he says, "This brisket is good as all git-out!" What did he just say?
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What does it mean when someone tells you to "git 'er done"?
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What's Texan slang for "quickly"?
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"This child just pitched a hissy fit right in the middle of the store!" What did this child do?
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What's the Texan way of saying "gosh darn it"?
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"If you say that one more time, I will have a conniption!" What does conniption mean?
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What is the Texan version of "all talk, no action"?
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If someone calls you "uppity", what have they called you?
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What is one of the most commonly used contractions for Texans?
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If a situation has gone "cattywampus", what does that mean? What's happened?
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What's another way of saying something has gone amiss or askew?
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Someone just told you that you're such a "hoot". What did this person say about you?
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If a "Blue Norther" is coming through, what's happening?
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What's the Texan way of greeting someone?
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"Who is causing all this ruckus?" Well, what is a ruckus?
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"This clodhopper is making such a mess of everything." Who or what is a clodhopper?
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If you have a "hankering," what do you have?
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What is another Texan slang word for food?
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"Hey, you need to stop all your hollerin'!" What needs to stop?
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"Just tump that soil over yonder there." What does "tump" mean?
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In Texan slang, how do you say "very" or "sure enough"?
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If you're invited to a "shindig", what are you being invited to?
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"He's just piddling his life away, it's a darn shame." How is this person spending his time?
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What is the Texan way of say, "I suppose" or "I guess"?
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