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There's more to witchcraft than broomsticks and pointy hats. Witches are real, but there is so much about Wiccan rituals that folks don't know about. In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of the world of Wicca, so that you separate​ bewitching fact from fiction.

What do you call a group of witches that practices together?

A coven is a group of witches that practices together. These groups are not to be messed with.

How long has humankind worshiped goddesses​?

Before recorded history, folks worshiped many goddesses. Wiccans do the same, from several pantheons.

What is a pentagram?

The pentagram is a symbol that a witch wears around his/her neck. It is associated with the Earth element. It is a Wiccan logo.

Who gets to know your magical name?

Just because you have a magical name doesn't mean you get to spread it around! It can only be shared with fellow witches.

What does it mean when you perform a ritual skyclad?

Performing a ritual skyclad means you're doing it in your birthday suit. To be literally clothed in sky means that you're wearing nothing at all.

What is the name of a witch's magick doll?

A poppet is a witch's doll, and it's not always used to curse people. But it can be!

What is the Wiccan rede?

The Wiccan rede, harm none, and do what ye will, seems sensible enough.

What does a witch's chalice represent?

A witch's chalice, or fancy goblet, represents womb of the goddess. It's not for recreational drinking.

What is a witch's relationship with Satan?

Contrary to popular belief, witches don't believe in Satan, and they don't worship him.

What is the name of a witch's journal, where she jots down spells, dreams and information?

The Book of Shadows is where a witch records her spells and potions, and other personal information as well. This book is very important.

What do you call a witch that practices alone?

A solitary witch practices on her or his own. They do not join a coven.

What is the fastest growing religion in the U.S. today?

Believe it or not, Wicca, the religion of witches, is the fastest growing religion in the U.S. today.

What does a witch do every day?

A witch is someone that practices magic every day. That's a huge commitment!

What does the word Wicca actually mean?

Wicca originated with an Old English word which meant wizard. Wicca was founded in England in the mid-20th century.

What is the realm of witches, encompassing spells, healing, psychic forces and divination?

Yes, it's actually spelled with a "k." If you don't spell it right, you're not a witch.

When did a U.S. Court of Appeals determine that Wicca is a religion?

Oh, the '80s. It was a perfect time for declaring Wicca a religion.

What do you call the spiritual advice or counsel that a witch receives?

A rede is a spiritual bit of advice or counsel that a witch receives. Wiccans heed the call of the rede.

What is a crucible?

Famous from Arthur Miller's play, "The Crucible," the word means a difficult or severe test. The Witch Trials definitely created a crucible or two.

When was the great resurgence of Wiccanism?

In the 1950s, someone decided that Wiccanism was a good idea again. It took a long time to recover from the Witch Trials, one would suppose.

Which is not a form of Wicca?

There is no such thing as Transcendental Wicca. However, there are countless other subgroups of the religion.

How many different kinds of witches are there?

There are hundreds of kinds of witches out there, and most are not as depicted in movies or fairy tales.

According to Wiccan belief, how do you find your right teacher?

To find your right teacher, you must trust in the goddesses and wait. You will find the right teacher when you're ready.

What is a pantheon?

The gods and goddesses of one specific culture are a pantheon. For instance, there is the Greek pantheon, and there's the Roman. But there's also the Japanese​ pantheon.

According to witches, what is present in all things?

The All is in reference to the Lord and Lady, who are present in all things and in all beings.

What are the two components that are necessary to harness the Magick?

You can only tap into the magick when you are concentrating, and you're using the magick with purpose.

What should one witch never do to another?

Witches should never touch one another's sacred jewelry. This can diffuse the magick.

What is the name for a Wiccan moon ritual?

Esbats are Wiccan moon rituals. They're performed 13 times a year and are quite important in the religion.

How does a witch invoke the four elements and four directions?

To "call down the quarters" means to invoke the four directions and four elements. These things are necessary during a ritual.

Where do spirits go after death and before reincarnation, according to Wiccans?

The Summerland is the place where Wiccans go after death and before reincarnation, to be with the God and Goddess and reflect on their lives.

Some Wiccans believe that we die after what happens?

Many Wiccans believe that we die after we accomplish our goals. "My work is done here," they say.

What is one perk to being a witch?

Witches get to choose their magical names, selecting something that has meaning for them.

In numerology, what does the number 1 signify?

The number 1 is associated with independence, and also the warrior/leader archetype.

How can a witch find the right sacred place to perform a ritual?

Witches use feng shui to find sacred spots. This method incorporates the elements and directions.

Before performing a ritual, what is necessary?

It's important to take a ritual bath before performing a ritual. This cleanses the body and prepares you for the magick!

What does it mean to concecrate?

To consecrate is to bless, clean and make something sacred. It's important for a witch to consecrate her tools before rituals.

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