Quiz: The Quick and the Dead movie quiz
The Quick and the Dead movie quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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It's rare for women to take the lead role in Western-themed movies, but in "The Quick and the Dead" it's Sharon Stone who rides into town, brandishing a rusty old pistol. How much do you know about this sleek homage to spaghetti Westerns?

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"The Quick and the Dead" is a Western that was released in 1995. Who's the star of the movie?
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Gene Hackman also appears in the movie. What character does he play?
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Stone plays a woman named Ellen, who is mostly known simply as what?
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The movie blends Western action and suspense. Who directed the film?
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The story unfolds in a small Western town in the 1880s. What's the name of the town?
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Which actor plays the role of "The Kid"?
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John Herod isn't just a gunslinger. What other role does he have in the small town?
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The move was made in the middle of the '90s. What was its budget?
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True or false: The movie was a box-office bomb.
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The Lady rides into Redemption and almost immediately saves someone's life. Whose life did she save?
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Ellen has an ulterior motive for her arrival in Redemption. Why is she there?
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What role did Simon Moore have in the making of the film?
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Stone wasn't just the lead actor. She also performed what job?
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John Herod is the town's evil mayor. He decides to hold what sort of contest?
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True or false: The cast trained extensively with a gun handling coach before production started.
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Simon Moore was fired from his job as writer. Then what happened?
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Real-life Old West gunfights were exceedingly rare. How many gunfights are there in the movie?
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How was Sam Raimi picked to direct the movie?
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Cort is a prominent resident of Redemption. What occupation does he have?
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The movie has an authentic Western setting. Where did most of the shooting take place?
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Why does Ellen kill a local man named Eugene Dred?
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Originally, the movie was supposed to include a love scene with Ellen and which character?
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As the gunfighting contest drags on, only two fighters are left, including Ellen and who else?
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Leonardo DiCaprio has a large role in this film. He'd just become famous for a role in which movie?
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How did Alan Silvestri contribute to the film?
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For the movie, Stone wore which very authentic piece of Western clothing?
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Why did the production crew struggle to get enough period clothing for the cast?
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True or false: Actor Bruce Campbell makes several cameo appearances in the movie.
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In the end, The Lady kills John Herod. How does she finish him?
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