Quiz: The philosophy of fashion: A Funny Face movie quiz
The philosophy of fashion: A Funny Face movie quiz
By: Bambi Turner
Image: tmdb

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It's hard to imagine a style icon like Audrey Hepburn in need of a fashion makeover, but that's exactly what she gets in "Funny Face." This 1957 musical comedy took the classic story of "Pygmalion" and used it to transform a bookish Hepburn into a top fashion model -- while incorporating top-notch musical numbers -- all set against the backdrop of iconic Paris landmarks. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of this classic film!

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Who starred opposite Hepburn as Dick Avery?
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What magazine is featured in the film?
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What's the hottest color of the season, according to "Quality"?
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What is Maggie Prescott seeking after her Think Pink campaign?
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What is Dick Avery's role in the film?
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Where does Jo work?
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Where is Jo when "Quality" magazine invades the bookstore?
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True or false: Jo is a huge fan of the fashion industry.
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Who stays behind to clean the bookshop after the photo shoot?
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What fabulous accessory does Jo wear as she sings "How Long Has This Been Going On?"
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Who is Jo's hero?
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Where does Jo hide when she visits the "Quality" office?
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What song do Jo and Dick sing in the darkroom?
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Who is the designer involved in the Quality Woman campaign?
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Where is Jo when she is supposed to meet Paul Duval for the first time?
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What color dress does Jo wear when she poses with Winged Victory?
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Where do Jo and Dick dance to "He Loves and She Loves"?
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What do Dick and Jo fight about, right before the big reveal?
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True or false: Dick was right about Flostre's intentions toward Jo.
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What is the final outfit Jo wears in the big fashion show?
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Where do Jo and Dick reunite at the end of the film?
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True or false: The film was a flop at the box office in 1957.
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True or false: Hepburn did her own singing in "Funny Face."
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True or false: The movie has almost nothing in common with the original musical "Funny Face."
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True or false: Charlie Chaplin played Dick in the Gershwin musical.
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Which of the film's stars dance to "Clap Yo' Hands"?
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Which two characters sing "On How to Be Lovely"?
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What word did Hepburn use to describe dancing with Astaire?
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How many Oscars did the film win?
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What is Kay Thompson, who played Maggie, best known for?
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