Quiz: The Old Testament Stories Quiz
The Old Testament Stories Quiz
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

From creation to destruction to restoration, the Old Testament stories tell it all. Do you think you can identify these major stories and the characters involved?

The Old Testament portion of the Bible is a very interesting and intriguing account of how the world came to be, how humankind developed early on and how "being human" was defined, redefined, challenged and constructed in the many poetic verses of each book's chapters. Personalities developed, ambitions grew higher, devotions got deeper. And the Old Testament stories narrated them all. Think you can pinpoint who's who here, what's what, or which happened where? That's the interesting and exciting content of this quiz!

Of course, this quiz is not merely for the faithful and devoted. It's for everyone who has faith in the good of humanity, and it's definitely for anyone who struggles to fight inner and outer demons, just as these Biblical characters have done in their respective narratives. This is where the timelessness of their stories comes in - as we still learn lessons from their victories and defeats, up to this day and for the days still to come.

So come and celebrate these stories with us, as you take this quiz and rediscover these stories. We have faith that you're up for the challenge. Good luck!

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