Quiz: The Official HowStuffWorks Snake Quiz
The Official HowStuffWorks Snake Quiz
By: Ian Fortey
Image: Mark Kostich / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Snakes have gotten a bad rap for years now without a lot of good reason. Alongside sharks and spiders, they're very misunderstood creatures that cause a lot of not-entirely justified fear in people. Yes, many of them can be dangerous, but hey, many people are dangerous too, and we still go out to shopping malls with strangers around. You just need to understand what you're dealing with and learn to respect it. Snakes aren't trying to be bad guys; they don't even have a concept of bad. They're just animals, and they have a different way of viewing the world than humans do.

Given how many species of snakes there are around the world, how many can be dangerous and in what different ways, it'd be taxing for any person to try to know everything there is to know. But if you have an interest in snakes, then surely you have amassed some knowledge. Maybe you even consider yourself something of a snake expert, the go-to source in your circle of friends for all things snake-related. Maybe you even know enough about our scaly friends to ace this quiz we put together? There's one way to know for sure—take the quiz!

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