Quiz: The NFL Rules Quiz!
The NFL Rules Quiz!
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

You watch the games, you wear the jersey, and you even have NFL socks - but do you know the rules? In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of the NFL rulebook, from the basic to the challenging. Game on!

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The offense has how many players?
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How many players are on the defense?
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How long is the field?
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How long is the end zone?
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How long is a game, only counting playing time?
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The second half of the game starts with _____?
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How long is the halftime break?
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Does the clock stop when a player goes out of bounds?
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How many separate units of players comprise one team?
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Where does kickoff take place?
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The offense has four ____ in which to gain 10 yards.
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What do you call the position on the field where a play begins?
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How many ways can the quarterback advance the ball?
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A tackle is determined by which body part hitting the ground?
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How many ways can you score points in football?
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Which of these is a turnover?
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Do college football and the NFL have different rules?
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Do teams switch ends after each quarter?
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How many time outs does a team get per half?
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After the last play, the next play must begin within ______.
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A football weighs approximately how much?
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Are there umpires in football?
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Who has the final word on the field?
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Who blocks defensive players to protect the quarterback?
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Whose job is it to down the quarterback?
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Are the place-kicker and the punter the same thing?
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How much is a touchdown worth?
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Is a 2-point conversion common?
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How much is a safety worth?
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Illegal actions result in ____ penalties.
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Aggressive actions performed by defensive players can result in what?
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Illegal blocking includes which of these?
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Aggressive tackling against the center before a play begins is known as what?
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