Quiz: The Mary Tyler Moore Quiz
The Mary Tyler Moore Quiz
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Remember which legendary actor played Mary's boss in the newsroom, or what everyday item the star throws into the air during the opening credits? Show off your knowledge of this classic '70s series with our "Mary Tyler Moore" quiz!

Model and actress Mary Tyler Moore is credited with revolutionizing the way woman are portrayed on television, but her first major role was surprisingly traditional. From 1961 to 1966, she played suburban housewife Laura Petrie on "The Dick Van Dyke Show." While Moore's character is remembered as feisty and ahead of her time, she still largely filled the role expected for a woman on TV at the time -- homemaker and mother.

Moore's second major turn on television broke the mold, however, and paved the way for shows about single, working women to appear on screen. From 1970 to 1977, she played Mary Richards, a Minneapolis news producer who lived alone, worked, had no kids -- and was shockingly single. 

Of course, the "Mary Tyler Moore" show was so much more than a social statement; it was smart and funny, with Moore's co-stars being so beloved by audiences that three of them got their own spin-offs. 

And paraphrasing the words of the show's unforgettable theme song -- you might just make it after all -- to a perfect score on this "Mary Tyler Moore" quiz!

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Dick Van Dyke never guest starred in any Mary Tyler Moore episode to avoid confusion with her Mary Richards character. However, one actor who regularly guest-starred on the Dick Van Dyke show, also was a guest-star in a couple of Mary Tyler Moore episodes during the third and fourth seasons. Who was this actor?
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Let’s talk characters, what was the name of the News Anchor on the "Six O'Clock News"?
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The character Lou Grant was played by:
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What was the name of Mary’s wise-cracking best friend?
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Phyllis Lindstrom is married to Lars. What does Lars do for a living?
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Phyllis and Lars had a precocious daughter. What was her name?
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What was the name of Ted Baxter’s sweet, but somewhat ditzy girlfriend?
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What was the name of the head writer of the news show?
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This will really test your memory, what were the call letters of the local TV station?
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No one could forget Betty White’s portrayal of Sue Ann Nivens. Although Sue Ann was not on the Six O’Clock News, she did have her own show. What was the name of that show?
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Why do you remember so much about the cast? Because the show was one of the best written TV series of all time. In fact, what ranking did it receive from the Writers Guild of America on its list of the 101 Best Written TV Series of All Time?
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There was much praise from critics for the Mary Tyler Moore Show, including Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series. How many years in a row did it receive the Emmy Award?
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In 1995, Entertainment Weekly said that "TV's most famous bachelorette pad" was Mary's apartment. What was the fictitious address of the Victorian house where she, Rhoda and the Lindstrom family live?
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The opening title sequence features many scenes filmed on location in Minneapolis in both summer and winter, as well as a few clips from the show's studio scenes. The sequence changed each season, but always ended with what?
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"Love Is All Around", the theme song for the Mary Tyler Moore show was written and performed by who?
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Now it’s time to give kudos to the creators and executive producers of the Emmy award-winning show. Which one of these people should take a bow?
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The Mary Tyler Moore show was produced and distributed by MTM Productions and MTM Enterprises respectively. Who owns MTM Enterprises?
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Many times there are spinoffs after the series is over. In the case of the Mary Tyler Moore show, there were two spinoffs during the series. Which characters had their own show?
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After the Mary Tyler Moore Show ended there was yet another spinoff, what character had its own one-hour drama?
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In the final episode, a new owner is coming in to take over WJM, and there will be many people fired. Who is the one person that didn’t get fired?
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