The hero of Barsoom. How well do you remember the film John Carter?


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Take a war veteran and plop him into the middle of an alien conflict. He must somehow learn to survive...but all he really wants to do is just go home. How much do you know about the adventures of "John Carter"?

Taylor Kitsch is John Carter, recently a deceased veteran of which war?

John Carter is a Civil War veteran who dies in 1881. Much of the movie is a flashback to the events that lead up to his supposed demise.


In the 1860s, Carter is in the wild West, hiding out from _____.

Carter and another frontier soldier escape violent Indians by hiding in a deep, dark cave called the Spider Cave of Gold. It's a moment that will forever change Carter's destiny.


What does Carter encounter in the cave?

Carter encounters an alien being called a Thern. When the Thern attacks him, Carter kills the alien but accidentally triggers a time travel medallion.


Carter inadvertently triggers the Thern's time travel device. Where does the medallion take Carter?

The medallion transports Carter to Barsoom, which we later learn is Mars, and that Carter has traveled far back into the past. Disoriented, he stumbles around the planet and immediately encounters other life forms.


How does the gravity on Barsoom compare to that of Earth?

Barsoom's gravity is weaker than Earth's. That means Carter can jump very high. And his comparatively high bone density means that he is extremely strong compared to the planet's natives.


Willem Dafoe plays a green alien that goes by which name?

Dafoe is Tars Tarkas, a leader of the local Barsoom tribe. He convinces other aliens not to kill this strange being named Carter.


What are the Tharks?

The Tharks are one of Barsoom's alien tribes. They take Carter into custody and transport him to one of their cities.


In the city, the Tharks put Carter into which location?

Because he can't speak their language, the aliens think Carter is kind of dumb. They throw him in with a group of homeless babies, which are released into a mob of adult aliens. Whoever catches a baby gets to keep it.


A Thark female named Sarkoja helps Carter understand the alien language. How?

Sarkoja pours a mysterious concoction into Carter's mouth. Suddenly, he can understand the alien language.


There are multiple species of creatures living on Barsoom. What is life like between them?

The various species are at war. Carter is about to get wrapped up in a war that is very far away from his real home.


Dominic West is Sab Than, another alien leader. What's his life goal?

Sab Than is an evil-minded alien who wants power. His ultimate desire is to take over all of Barsoom, and he's more than happy to use violence to accomplish his mission.


On Barsoom, there is a city named Helium. Who controls Helium?

In this long-ago era, there are humans roaming Barsoom. One of their cities is named Helium, and it's where much of the action takes place.


Who is Dejah Thoris?

Dejah Thoris is the princess of Helium. During a frantic skirmish, Carter saves Dejah from falling to her death, thereby earning her trust and the trust of other aliens, too.


The other aliens are constantly amazed by which of Carter's abilities?

Carter's ability to jump long and far in the planet's weak gravity astounds the local aliens. They ask him to perform jumping feats over and over again.


After getting to know Dejah a little, what does Carter tell her?

Carter tells Dejah that he just wants to go home to Earth. Ater first, she thinks he must be crazy because the events and places he describes can't be possible.


What's a "Calot"?

Carter and his new friends meet Woola, a Calot. Calots are like big amphibians that have the personality and behavior of dogs.


The movie had a huge budget. "John Carter" cost about ______.

"John Carter" was a behemoth of a movie. It cost around $264 million to bring the big concept to reality.


The movie was a failure for the studio.

Disney lost its shirt on this film. From a financial perspective, the movie was a flop, in large part because Disney spent far too much on marketing. The company lost tens of millions of dollars on "John Carter."


What's the Ninth Ray?

The Ninth Ray is a strange energy source that Carter encounters. It's often manifested as an eerie blue light. The ray can be used for constructive or destructive purposes.


Dejah reluctantly agrees to marry which character?

She doesn't really want to do it, but Dejah agrees to marry Sab Than. For Dejah, it seems to be the only way out of her unfortunate circumstances.


Matai Shang is a Thern leader who is obsessed with what?

Shang wants the powers of the Ninth Ray for himself. In order to keep its powers secret, he plans to kill anyone who knows about the ray. That includes Dejah.


The movie lost money, but it received unanimous praise from critics.

"John Carter" won praise for its high production value. But the movie as a whole received mostly lukewarm reviews. And it flopped during awards season, too.


Shang captures Carter and tells the human about Thern plans for Earth. What are the Therns going to do?

Shang and the other Therns like to infiltrate alien societies and destroy them from the inside out. That's what they have planned for Earth, too … unless someone can stop them.


Carter goes to the Tharks to ask for their help in fighting the enemy forces. What do the Tharks do?

The Tharks throw Carter into jail. And then they toss him into a coliseum arena to fight to the death.


Carter fights off the creatures of the coliseum. Then what does he do?

Carter survives the coliseum and then challenges Tal Hajus to a duel. He immediately kills Tal Hajus … meaning that Carter is now the leader of the Tharks.


Carter and his army of Tharks crash Dejah's wedding and fight off the enemies. Then what does Carter do?

Carter and his army vanquish their foes. Then Carter asks Dejah to marry him.


Shang manages to secure the special medallion. What does he do to Carter?

Shang uses his disguise and the medallion to surprise Carter and then sends the human back to Earth. Carter is now trapped far away from the woman he just married.


In the end, Carter dies alone on Earth.

Carter devises a scheme to find another medallion … and he does. He transports himself back to Barsoom and his lovely new wife.


Burroughs is primarily known for creating which famous character?

Burroughs created Tarzan, the hero of the jungle. He wrote dozens of Tarzan books throughout the decades.


"John Carter" is a 2012 movie based on a book by which famous author?

Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote his "Barsoom" book series at the beginning of the 20th century. "John Carter" is based on a 1917 book titled "A Princess of Mars."


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