Quiz: The Ford Quiz
The Ford Quiz
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

Henry Ford was an experienced car builder by the time he started the Ford Motor Company at the turn of the 20th Century. 

Having built his first car in 1896, Ford quickly took his company to the top of the pile, thanks to his love of innovation. Not only did he help institute much of the processes in car manufacturing as we know them today, but he also looked after his workers, often paying them two times the minimum wage. He also ensured they worked no more than eight-hour days, and through that built a loyal workforce.

But it was a legendary Ford model that became a legend and a car of the people. It put Ford at the forefront of motoring in America and soon after, the rest of the world.

During World War II, Ford turned his factories into beacons in aid of the Allied war effort, building aircraft, engines, and vehicles for Allied forces right around the world.

At the turn of this century, when the Chevy and Chrysler needed bailouts from the government, Ford didn't.

But let's see how much you truly know about the Ford Motor Company, shall we? 

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When was the Ford Motor Company started?
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This, however, was not his first motor company. He had formed one in 1899 that lasted until 1901. What was its name?
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Which of these is NOT a Ford model?
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As with all businesses, Ford has had some failures in its time. The biggest one cost the company more than $2 million. What car model was responsible for this?
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What was the price tag on the first-ever Ford sold?
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Who is the current chairman of the Ford Motor Company?
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Henry Ford once said of the Model T, "You can have it in any color, as long as that color is_____."
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Henry Ford was a great friend of one of the world's greatest inventors. Who was it?
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Ford's blue oval logo is one of the most recognizable in the motoring world. When was it first introduced?
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Introduced in 1964, which Ford model is considered one of the greatest muscle cars ever?
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The following g Christmas, kids too could own their own Mustang in the form of a ________.
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A 1967 Shelby GT500 was owned by which of these legendary rock singers?
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When the Ford Model T was launched in 1908, it cost $950. In 1927, its final year of production, how much did a new one cost?
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What did Ford introduce in 1913 that enabled the cost of its vehicles to come down significantly?
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Toward the end of its production, Ford could produce a Model T in how much time?
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Reducing production time to under 30 seconds certainly pushed up the number of Model Ts significantly. How many were eventually made?
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Henry Ford built his first car in 1896. What was it called?
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Henry Ford tried to build a village in Brazil, the Amazon to be exact, in the late 1920s. What was his reason for this?
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What was the village going to be called?
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Which Ford model ended Ferrari's dominance at the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race in the mid-'60s?
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Name the best-selling truck series that remains at the forefront of sales and has done so since 1982?
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What was Ford's American revenue​ in 2017?
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What was Ford's worldwide revenue in the same year?
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What other business did Henry Ford and his son, Edsel, get involved in in the later 1920s and '30s?
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That's not the only industry that Ford branched out into. Can you name another?
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Which of these is a Ford model?
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True or False? Ford built Jeeps during World War II.
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Which famous Italian marque did Ford try to buy in the 1960s?
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True or False? Ford's German factories continued producing vehicles used by the Nazis during World War II.
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Name the utility coupe produced by Ford between 1957 and 1979.
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What was the Model T's nickname?
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By 1922, more than __________ of the vehicles produced in the United States were Ford.
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In 1970, Ford was the first company to introduce which of these to each and every production vehicle?
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In 2000, a group of more than 100 journalists picked the car of the 20th Century. What Ford model won the accolade?
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Which of these is made by the Ford Motor Company?
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