Quiz: The Footloose Quiz
The Footloose Quiz
By: J.P. Naomi
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

"Kick off your Sunday shoes" and take a break with this "Footloose quiz!" If you're ready to groove, prove that you have the moves with this quiz!

In 1984, a brand new musical was introduced to film. Written by Dean Pitchford and directed by Herbert Ross, the film follows a hip Chicago teen who tries to bring music and dance to a small, mid-western town. Played by Kevin Bacon, young teen Ren MacCormack tries to get his new town to lift their ban on dancing and rock and roll. How much of Ren's Bomont life do you remember?

What's the name of Ren's mother? What does Shaw Moore do for a living? What kind of job did Ren get when he moved to Bomont? If you're dancing through these questions, you're ready to get your feet loose!

The title song led this film to even greater heights. Not only did it become a #1 single, but it even gained nominations for "Best Original Song" at the Academy Awards and Golden Globes. The acting, dancing, and music of this film made it a memorable '80s classic that even got a 2011 remake.

Are you ready to kick off your Sunday shoes with this quiz? Only a dancing maniac could follow the choreography with the answers to these questions. Prove that you're ready to rock and roll!

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