Can We Guess What State You Truly Belong In Based Off the Foods You Choose?

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About This Quiz

Every living thing has to eat to live, right? While the methods may vary, at the end of the day we must all consume nutrients for us to thrive. We humans have the distinct luck to eat for more reasons than just getting our food requirements. We can make our food as flavorful as we want! And that is exactly what we want you to do in this quiz. 

We aren't exactly asking you to season anything here, but rather, choose your favorite foods. So if we tell you about a taco, you'll have to tell us what kind really makes your mouth water; if we ask about chocolate, tell us if you'd rather have the bar, the cake or a delightful brownie. We're going to ask you enough questions like that to determine which state in the U.S. of A. you belong in.

Will your love of seafood bring you somewhere coastal? Or are your tastes as diverse as California is? Maybe you need some food to match your personality, like the Big Apple. Or maybe you just need some stripped-down, good old barbecue from Texas. Only our quiz will determine the answers to those questions. 

So, if you want to know what state your food tastes lead you to, just answer our questions. 

How many meals do you eat every day?

Which meal is your favorite?

What's your favorite cuisine?

About how many calories do you consume per day?

Do you care what your caloric intake is?

What's the first thing you drink in the morning?

Which cereal grain is your go-to?

Which of these egg dishes is the tastiest?

Which kind of toast really makes your mouth water?

Which of these morning snacks will you indulge in?

When you're on the go, what do you get?

It's lunch time. What time do you usually eat?

What's the best salad to eat at lunch?

Burgers, burgers, burgers. How do you like yours done?

What should your patty be made out of?

Pizza's on the menu. Which of these is your go-to?

Which Italian classic would you not mind eating for lunch?

How often do you cook dinner?

Let's imagine you're eating out tonight. What are you starting with?

Which of these would be your main course?

Which of these vegan options sounds the most delicious?

How much would you normally pay for dinner?

Which of these Asian options is always a good choice for dinner?

Time for the sweetest meal of the day. How sweet do you like your desserts?

What's your favorite chocolate bar?

Who makes the best ice cream?

What's your favorite cake?

Which of these fried options is always your choice?

Pie time! Which of these would send you into a food coma?

Which of these foreign favorites would you want to try?

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