Quiz: The Farming Quiz
The Farming Quiz
By: John Miller
Image: Bill Sykes/Cultura/Getty Images

About This Quiz

If you think of farming and imagine “American Gothic,” a famous paining of a dour farmer and his wife, you haven’t been exposed to the technology-heavy modern farm. These days, farms are digital masterpieces etched in the landscape, in which computer models analyze crop yields, specify fertilizer application and predict profits and losses. And at the end of the season, GPS and laser-guided combines harvest plants with amazing precision and speed. Do you think you know enough about these process to ace our farming quiz?

Modern farming is a year-round endeavor. In the winter, farmers figure out which parts of their fields need improvements in terms of erosion and nutrition. In the spring, when the soil warms, they prepare their fields for seeds, which themselves are often high-tech inventions with incredible gene alterations that make them hardier and more likely to produce high yields.

Once the nitrogen has settled and the tassels are long gone, it’s time for the harvest. This (often frantic) process means pulling crops from fields before winter snows turn the fields to muck.

Pull on your boots, snap on your coveralls, and get your hands dirty with this farming quiz now!

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