Quiz: The Classic Porsche Quiz: Can You Name Them All?
The Classic Porsche Quiz: Can You Name Them All?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Trick on via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

Most auto lovers would agree that Porsche makes some fantastic sports cars. There is just some about that fine German engineering that sets hearts aflutter around the world.

And Porsche has a long history indeed. Although the company only produced cars from after the Second World War, Ferdinand Porsche was involved in automotive design for many years before that. Unbelievably, Porsche not only created the first gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle but he also designed possibly the most famous car ever produced, the Volkswagen Beetle.

Incredibly, his Lohner-Porsche hybrid was made at the turn of the 20th century and built until 1905. Following the Second World War, Porsche, who was a member of the Nazi party, was imprisoned in France. He was eventually released in the late 1940's and the first vehicle with the Porsche name, the 356, was produced.

And that was the start of something special. Preferring rear-engine, rear wheel drive designs, Porsche not only made road cars but several early racing cars as well, some of which appeared in early Formula One racing.

In the 2000's, the Porsche design branched out further to include a four-door luxury sedan with that distinctive Porsche look, a luxury grand tourer, and even an SUV.

Now would you be able to identify these different Porsche models from just an image? 

Let's see...

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This is considered the first ever Porsche. Only three were ever built. Any idea as to the name of this rare model?
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Also known as the 911 Turbo, can you identify this Porsche model from the 1970's?
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Over 76,000 units of this early Porsche were built. Do you any idea as to the model?
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Pictured here is the first Porsche to have a front-engine, rear-wheel drive setup. What is it called?
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Can you name this Porsche model shown in this image?
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The first four-door Porsche luxury sedan; can you name this model?
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Name this compact luxury crossover from Porsche, please.
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This popular Porsche sports car model was first introduced in 1999. Name it, please.
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This strange looking Porsche racing car was known by what name?
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A Porsche SUV? Yes, a Porsche SUV. Can you name it, though?
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Name this Porsche that once raced around Nurburgring in 6 minutes and 11 seconds.
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Originally intended as a rally car, 345 examples of this Porsche were built as street-legal models. Can you name it?
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This vehicle dominated the Canadian-American Challenge Cup in 1973. Identify it, please.
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This vehicle won its class at the 1961 Le Mans 24-hour endurance race.
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This Ferdinand Porsche designed racecar saw him released from jail after World War II to design it. Name it, please.
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A variant of the 911, this Porsche actually outsold its more famous sister-car between 1965 and 1969.
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With a top speed of over 190 mph, this Porsche sure can shift! What is it?
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Available in a number of options, including convertible and two-door roadster, name this Porsche model.
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Named after a reptile similar to an alligator, can you tell us the name of the Porsche in this image?
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A rally Porsche? Yes, a rally Porsche. Name it, please.
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A Porsche Formula 1 racer is pictured here. Can you name it?
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An example of this model Porsche once sold for $5.4 million! Can you identify it?
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Name this Porsche race car, please.
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The Porsche pictured here was designed with the help of an American company. This race car won the American Le Mans series for three years in a row. Name it, please.
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Can you identify this street-legal racing car from Porsche?
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This Porsche was specifically built with hill climbing in mind. Can you tell us what it is?
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Name this Porsche racer, please.
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No less than 118,000 examples of this Porsche model were made between 1969 and 1976. Do you have any idea what it is called?
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This Porsche from the 1960's was also known as the Carerra GTS. Name it, please.
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Name this luxury grand tourer from Porsche that was first produced in 1977.
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This Porsche was introduced in 1982 and marketed till 1991. Do you have any idea as to what it is?
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Any ideas as to the model of the Porsche in this image?
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This Porsche model was made between 2004 and 2012. Any idea as to what it is?
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This is what the 911 was going to be called until Peugeot stepped in. Only 60 were made until a name change was forced upon Porsche. What model is it?
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Also called the 718 Boxter, which Porsche is shown here?
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This Porsche produces a staggering 858 brake horsepower! Name it, please.
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The sports car in this image is a ____________.
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This Porsche has a 3.0-liter aluminum engine. Can you name the model?
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Are you able to tell us which Porsche model is shown in this image?
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