Quiz: The Canadian Landmarks Quiz!
The Canadian Landmarks Quiz!
By: Bambi Turner
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As the world's second largest country, Canada is home to countless landmarks, monuments and points of interests that draw in locals and tourists alike. These sites range from modern urban city centers to impressive architectural specimens to natural wonders and more. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the most recognized Canadian landmarks!

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Canada's first official National Landmark is dedicated to this geographic feature.
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What year did the CN Tower open?
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What is the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies?
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The Canadian Rockies extend into the Yukon.
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What famous Bay is nestled between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia?
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What is the Bay of Fundy's biggest claim to fame?
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The Citadelle is part of the still-standing wall around this Canadian city.
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How many waterfalls make up the the natural wonder known as Niagara Falls?
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People have actually survived going over Niagara Falls in a barrel.
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What was Canada's first national park?
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The Rideau Canal connects Kingston with this city.
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What year was the Rideau Canal officially transformed into a winter skating trail for the first time?
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Fort York was built in 1793 and served as the foundation for this major city.
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What Canadian city is home to the country's largest Chinatown?
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What year was Casa Loma completed?
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Where will you find Canada's largest amusement park?
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How many major coasters does Canada's Wonderland have as of 2016?
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What popular meeting spot sits where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet?
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The Forks made it into Guinness World Records for this feat.
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Where can you find Canada's largest city square?
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What city is home to the Capilano Suspension Bridge?
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What Canadian city is home to Parliament Hill?
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The grand Chateau Frontenac sits on the banks of this river.
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Which province is home to Cabot Tower and Signal Hill?
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What year did the National Gallery of Canada open?
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What creature guards the National Gallery of Canada?
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What subject is the focus of Canada's first national museum located outside of the greater-Toronto area?
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West Edmonton Mall is bigger than the Mall of America.
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What city is home to the world's largest inclined tower?
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How many pipes make up the organ at the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal?
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