Quiz: The Bible Study Quiz
The Bible Study Quiz
By: Heather Cahill
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Learning about the Bible is just one step to improving your relationship with God. It gives you the whole picture, from how He created everything to His story and the story of those important to Him. It teaches the Christian ways to live and the punishment for bad behavior. It also teaches love and understanding among many other lessons. Think you're an expert on how to study and maintain your relationship with your maker?

Do you know the tools you need to start studying the Bible? What about the techniques you can use or strategies to help you learn to your fullest potential? Do you know what the purpose of studying the Bible is? With perseverance and hard work, learning all about the greatest story ever told will be easy as pie!

How much basic knowledge do you have on the Bible? Do you know the books, verses, and gospels within the text? What about the names of a few key people that you'll learn about while studying the story? You'll have to know it all to ace this quiz!

So, you know the basics, but can you get down to business and prove you have what it takes to study the Bible? Take the quiz to see your score!

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