Quiz: The Battle of France: Freedom in Flames
The Battle of France: Freedom in Flames
By: Nathan Chandler
Image: Shuttersock

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In 1939, Germany began its conquest of Europe, spreading fascism across the land -- all the way to Paris. How much do you know about the Battle of France?

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The Battle of France is also known as what?
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When the battle began, the French had more tanks than the Germans.
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How many divisions did the Germans have ready for the attack?
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When did the Germans begin the invasion of France?
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How did the Germans defeat the strong French fortifications at the Maginot Line?
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What caused the "panic of Bulson"?
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After Germany invaded Poland, there was a months-long period where there were no real military confrontations. What was the name for this idle time?
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How long did the Phoney War last?
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When the battle started, the Nazis had more warplanes than all the Allies combined.
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As the Germans launched their attack, what happened to Rotterdam?
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The initial German invasion pushed through the Ardennes, which consisted mostly of what?
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The French had no clue the Germans were going to attack by going through the Ardennes forest.
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The invasion of Poland depleted Germany's supply of which critical war machine?
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The German forces mustered about how many men for action during the invasion of France?
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Before the German attack commenced, how did the German's move most of their supplies behind front lines?
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How many artillery guns did the Allies have available during the German invasion?
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How many men did the French army lose at the Siege of Lille?
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What did most German tanks have that French tanks did not?
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By the end of May, the Allies had lost how many divisions?
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Who said, "If the tanks succeed, then victory follows."
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The Germans purposely organized attack groups into virtually self-sufficient units. For how long could those units fight until they required support?
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When did France fall?
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When did Allied forces finally liberate Paris?
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