Quiz: The Animal Kingdom Trivia Quiz
The Animal Kingdom Trivia Quiz
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Adria Photography/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

No doubt about it, the animal kingdom is a fascinating place!

Its amazing just how many different animals there are out there. Of course, we know all the regulars like the lion, the king of the jungle, or the African elephant, so graceful for a creature that massive. But what about those lesser known creatures, the denizens of the deep or those that hide away, deep in jungles, high up mountains or any other place where their contact with humans is minimal. 

Sadly, some animals are not that lucky. Human contact has driven them to extinction, or certainly put them on the brink of it. Think of the black rhino from Africa. In the past 50 years, its numbers have dropped by 80 percent because of mankind. How sad is that? Or what of a certain flightless bird from Mauritius. It took just around 200 years from discovery to extinction for that poor species.

So, how much do you know about the animal kingdom? Well, this quiz is going to test your knowledge to the extreme. Will you prove to be the king of the jungle or will you slink away with your tail between your legs?

Good luck!


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