Quiz: The 1950s Car Quiz: How Much Do You Know?
The 1950s Car Quiz: How Much Do You Know?
By: Bambi Turner
Image: Greg Gjerdingen from Willmar, USA via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

Can you tell your Cadillacs from your Studebakers? Know the official name of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, or which car makers were the first to introduce air conditioning, power steering or seat belts as standard features? Take our quiz to see how much you know about these classic cars from the fabulous '50s!

The post-WWII era represented a boom period for America as other countries struggled to rebuild. The '50s were a peak period in American industry, particularly among car manufacturers. In fact, roughly one out of every six working Americans were employed in the automotive field by the start of 1960. 

This golden period saw the Big Three continuing to expand, while independent companies like Hudson, Packard and Muntz rose and fell. The '50s also represented a time of staggering innovation in automotive technology, from seat belts and air conditioning to power brakes and steering to the fine tuning of the powerful V8 engine. A booming economy meant plenty of potential car buyers with enough disposable income to ignore fuel efficiency in favor of some of the largest cars ever built. 

Think you know all there is to know about the greatest cars of the '50s? Take our quiz to find out!

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The '53 Chrysler Imperial became the first mass-produced car in over a decade to offer this option.
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What was the price tag on the Ford Continental Mark II in the mid-'50s?
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This car that first came out in '58 was the first to have seat belts as a standard feature.
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What did Chevy name the Corvette after?
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What did Ford add to the Thunderbird with the second generation release in 1958?
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What did James Dean name the '55 Porsche Spyder he was driving when he lost his life?
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What feature on the 1954 Buick Roadmaster was nicknamed Dagmar?
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What was the Ford Fairlane named for?
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Starting in 1953, Ford started using a series of numbers in its F-series pickups to refer to this stat.
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James Bond was a fan of this '50s grand tourer.
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What name did Chrysler give to the Hemi engine option available on some '50s New Yorker models?
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What was the '50s Mercedes-Benz 300 SL famous for?
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Buick Roadmaster Skylarks built for the company's 50th anniversary all shared this form.
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What is this '50s model that later inspired Doc in Pixar's "Cars" franchise?
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What industry-first feature known as Hydraguide was offered on Chrysler Imperials starting in '51?
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Which of these technologies was offered to Corvette buyers for the first time starting in 1957?
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What nickname did Chevy give the Bel Air starting in mid-'50s advertising campaigns?
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The Kaiser Darrin was the first American car to use this.
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What did Ford plan to use to power the Nucleon model?
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You may know it as the Beetle, but the official name for this Volkswagen is...
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What obscure auto maker produced this '50s car model -- known as the Jet?
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Which of these was NOT a Dodge model given a Lancer hardtop upgrade in the '50s?
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This is a '50s Plymouth Fury, but some folks may know the car as ...
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What logo was used on the Packard Clipper in the '50s?
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What was the most unique feature on the Mercury Sun Valley in the '50s?
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Which brand briefly used the name Futuramic 76 in the '50s?
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What major change came to the Studebaker Starliner in 1955?
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The Firedome was produced by DeSoto, a division of this company in the '50s.
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The '50s Sunbeam Alpine was produced in this country.
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Where was the '50s Fiat 500 made?
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Which best describes the '50s Dodge Coronet Lancer?
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This option was made standard with the introduction of the second-generation Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud in 1959.
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This AMC model had a shorter wheelbase than the VW Beetle in the '50s.
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Which company joined forces with Nash -- maker of this Rambler model -- to form AMC in the '50s?
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It's a van now, but in the '50s the Chrysler Town and Country was a ...
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Starting in 1958, Chrysler added an option called Auto-Pilot to the New Yorker. This feature is an early form of...
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Which feature makes it easy to identify a VW bus as being from the '50s?
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What did Ford call '50s Crestline models with glass roofs?
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This '50s Pontiac was named for Utah Salt Flats popular with racers.
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