Quiz: The 1950s Car Knowledge Quiz: How Much Do You Know?
The 1950s Car Knowledge Quiz: How Much Do You Know?
By: Bambi Turner
Image: Nikada/E+/gettyimages

About This Quiz

Think you can tell the difference between a '57 Chevy and a Hudson Hornet? Know what made the Edsel such a flop, or what year the very first Ford Thunderbird hit the streets? Take our quiz to show off your knowledge of '50s cars! The 1950s was a time of major change in America, with a growing fight for civil rights, the rising popularity of television and a pair of swinging hips in the form of Elvis Presley, who would help to usher in a new era of music and pop culture. A post-war economic boom meant Americans were living large, with a staggering one in six employed in the automotive industry -- an industry that was becoming increasingly concentrated as the decade progressed. What was once made up of more than a hundred automakers had shrunk to just a handful by the end of the '50s, with car sales dominated by Detroit and the Big Three.

Yet the lack of competition did little to stifle innovation; cars in the '50s grew safer, more stylish and more fun to drive thanks to the development of seat belts, automatic transmissions, air conditioning and the overhead valve V8 engine. Car companies responded to consumer demand with ever larger cars, many of which came with designs inspired by the Space Race and the sporty styles of the auto racing world. Do you consider yourself an expert on the cars of the nifty fifties? Take our quiz and test your '50s car IQ!

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